4 Vital Steps to Improve Your Corporate Intranet

An intranet is a kind of a website that gives an access to a certain group of individuals – most often, workers or employees of a particular company. I have tried to share here a few simple tips with you on how to make your intranet more useful.

Encourage More People to Involve
In general, only a staff of a few individuals, sometimes it may include one person only, takes care of the responsibility to maintain your company intranet. You can’t leave your rarely-updated site in a phase where no one wants to use it. It’s important for you to invite more and more people from your company to get involved in the intranet and give their contribution to make it a big success. Don’t make them feel that you are imposing it on them. I am damn sure that they will be much more likely to get involved in it if they feel that you carry the ownership of their own corner of the intranet.

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Keep it Easy and Simple
There are many people who love to put a good amount of content, audio, video and other advanced technologies on their website. It gives anyone the feeling of enjoyment when he or she gets a chance to play with online toys, especially while being present on the intranet, where an individual gets the unlimited bandwidth and multiple browsers. As compared to the public web, intranet at work witnesses less visitors if it is not designed in a way employees want it to be. Employees might be distracted due to having excess sound, video and graphics files. Try to keep your intranet simple and easy-to-use using plan text, if possible, add whistles and bells if they are much relevant to your objective.

The availability of the irrelevant content can also ruin the significance of your intranet. There is hardly a small section of people in your office who actually want to hear the CEO’s speech when he gave it live at an office event. There are very possibilities of watching it in a little video window when you put it on your intranet.

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Killer Apps Are Always Welcome
The best possible apps used on the intranet would allow your employees to understand how it can be of useful for them. All you need to do is know your business needs first, and then start searching for the killer apps which are easily available on internet in a wide range of number. The best idea of finding the best relevant apps for your business is to have a small meeting with your employees and ask them what information and work they deal with throughout the day. You can spot several “killer apps” of your own. Checking the frequently-Asked-Questions section about the new product is not a bad idea, from where you can get good help to implement your idea in the right direction.

Get Feedback from Users
It would be good if the users of the intranet continue sharing their feedback with you. There are number of ways to get the feedback from your users, including through informal visits to their department, small group meetings, and online surveys. Check it out what kind of posts people are responding on the public internet. You also need to check it out what users like and what don’t like, and give your responses accordingly. Yes, if your users notice that you are really responding their feedback positively, then there are much higher chances of building a successful and effective intranet in your corporate environment.

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If your implement the above mentioned ideas on your pubic website and your corporate intranet, you will surely taste the success in your aim. The guidelines discussed here will surely help to set up an intranet that your bosses and your colleagues will surely enjoy.

Shruti Mahouris a digital marketing expert at MyHub – Intranet Software Company – with more than 5 years of experience in blogging about different kinds of intranet solutions for various organizations. Helping global businesses understand the use and concept of intranet, she would love to contribute her knowledge on all types of intranets used in the biz world.

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