How To Choose the Best Flooring For Your Kitchen

Flooring For Your Kitchen

Kitchen flooring goes beyond tile. Popular options include wood, laminate, and even linoleum. Before you head to Houston Flooring Warehouse to pick out your new kitchen flooring, you first need to know how to choose the one that works best.

Go For The Low-Maintenance Option

Think of how much foot traffic your kitchen receives. Family members walk through the room to get snacks and root through the refrigerator. Combine that with the amount of cooking that goes on – and the spills! A kitchen floor goes through a lot, so you need an option that will last, but not requires a lot of care. Engineered wood is a good low-maintenance option. The designers combined the best parts of a wood floor (the look and feel) but made it low-maintenance and hardy.

Don’t Forget About Durability

Again, the foot-traffic in your kitchen does a number on the floor. Less durable materials, like ceramic and porcelain tiles, might crack when you drop a heavy pan on them. They are tough to replace as well, especially since a new one won’t have the same faded tone as the rest. Standard hardwood flooring is very durable, but not the best for a kitchen, because it soaks in moisture.

Your Kitchen Floor Needs To Be Affordable

Budgets matter when it comes to flooring since you need to budget for both materials and labor. Professional installation of a wood floor includes adding a layer to the subfloor to support the weight and thickness of the wood. This adds to the price. Things like ceramic tiles are expensive and also require professional installation. If money is no object, then this isn’t an issue. If it is, then you want something that is easy to install and within your budget. Several less expensive options at Houston Flooring Warehouse include laminate and vinyl tiles.


Should It Be Waterproof?

If you want a kitchen floor that’s waterproof, then consider WPC flooring. Also known as wood plastic composite or waterproof core, this flooring is foolproof. Installation is easy, it works over many different types of subfloor, and once it’s in, your floor is waterproof. However, this type of flooring can off-gas (which is bad if you want an environmentally-friendly floor), and the price of it varies considerably.

Don’t Forget About Style

Your overall décor matters, even in the kitchen. Before you choose your next kitchen floor, take a minute to consider what looks best. Is your kitchen modern? If so, then something like WPC or tile works best. If it’s traditional, then wood or laminate that looks like wood. The floor needs to be cohesive with the rest of the room.

There are many different types of the kitchen floor to examine. People are no longer limited to linoleum or tile. Wood, laminate, vinyl tiles, and even WPC are all valid flooring options. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and reach for something less traditional. The tips listed here will help you choose the very best flooring for your kitchen.


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