Common Mistakes That Jeopardize Your Survival in the Wild


Survival in the jungle not only requires adequate preparation but also not making mistakes that can lead to creating situations that put you in danger. Some of the top mistakes that can cost you dearly:

Lack of Preparation
Most crises are precipitated because people are completely unprepared to behave efficiently in the circumstances they are facing. It can be very easy to put yourself and other with you at risk if you don’t know the impact of your decisions. Finding yourself in a tight spot, getting injured or even killed while trekking, usually happens because you have not been able to properly assess the conditions and the probable risks. Remember, the most unexpected of things can happen from very innocent-looking outings so it is advisable that you spend time to evaluate the probabilities, however unlikely, and have a contingency plan to counter it.

Not Having Adequate Shelter
The first thing about stepping out for an adventure in the jungleis ensuring that you have adequate shelter to keep you protected from the elements as well as wild animals. You should definitely have with you a robust tent that will be able to protect you from torrential rains, extreme cold or the harsh sunlight. Of course, your research will tell you the sort of weather to expect but keep in mind that the conditions can change very quickly. You should also know the basics of building a shelter using natural resources available in case you manage to get stranded without your camping gear.

No Proper Navigational Tools
Regardless of how experienced you are, venturing into the jungles without a map, compass, and GPS is only asking for trouble. Out in the wild, it can be very easy to become disoriented and lose your way. Having as many navigation tools as possible is the best option but you should also know how to figure out the directions using the position of the sun and the stars so that you can still escape even if you lose all your equipment. The experienced forest guides available at the reputed Tadoba national park resorts are of course your first line of defense against getting lost.

Not Wearing the Right Clothes
Failing to know the weather conditions is a surefire way of getting your clothing wrong. You will end up in desperate trouble if you have packed the wrong apparel. Remember many places can be very warm during the day while the nighttime temperatures can really dip very low. Ideally, your clothing should be able to dry out fast or even keep you protected from water and snow. Remember, exposure is one of the leading causes of fatalities in misadventures in the wild so carry enough warm clothing that can be worn to maintain body temperature.

There is nothing in the world that will prepare you for everything; however, according to experts, knowing how to build a shelter, light a fire, find food and water, send out signals for rescue, etc. are some of the most important skills that can ensure survival.

Daniel Mattei is a Professional writer. He has written many articles on Travel. In this article he has mentioned about reputed Tadoba national park resorts.


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