How To Make Learning Fun And Interesting

Most of the students find difficulties in learning the concepts and getting ready for their upcoming exams. It has become a challenging task for both parents and teachers to make learning fun and interesting for their students. Apart from the regular textbooks, class notes, teacher lectures, technology has changed the entire learning process from boring classes into more interesting sessions by the introduction of animated videos, smart boards, and lots more. There are many educational websites that provide online tutoring, interactive videos, online quizzes, worksheets to help students to learn effectively and to fall in love with learning.

Here are some of the most effective ideas that can make learning fun and interesting for students.

Introducing Technology in the classroom
A boring classroom can be made more interesting by introducing technology, which is watchable, funny and making students engaged in their classroom sessions. These technologies include 3d animated videos, PowerPoint presentations, video clippings, live experiments, visual images, etc.

Take students on field trips
This field trip has a great advantage for students learning, as it helps them in providing the opportunity to unite with the concepts they are learning inside the classroom to the real world. For example:  Let say, today the topic is about the plant world and photosynthesis. Take the students to any plant nursery or to the horticulture department and explain the complete process of photosynthesis, their importance along with the different types of plants and its uses.

Referring more learning materials
Instead of sticking to the same textbooks and class notes, encourage your students to visit the campus library, collect information regarding a few topics by making use of numerous sources available such as newspapers, journals, education magazines, internet, YouTube videos, educational applications, etc.

Encourage students to participate in their school projects
Every student should be given a chance to show their talent, creativity and imagination skill. By participating in their school projects, they learn more in detail by having fun and retaining important concepts. There are a huge number of topics which students can select with the help of their teachers and few interesting topics for projects include natural and synthetic antibiotics, diffusion and food colouring, etc.

Having a regular Group Discussions during class hours
By having group discussion sessions at least thrice in a week helps students to develop their communication skills, improves their knowledge regarding the topic by collecting more points, share their ideas with their classmates and also encourage them to learn more. Teachers can take an active role in developing a competitive atmosphere by dividing the students into two different teams.

These were a few points about how to make learning fun and interesting for students. For more detailed information, subscribe to the BYJU’S YouTube Channel and watch interactive video lessons on various exam topics.

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