Right Way To Choose The Best Bar Chairs/Stools


Chair means perfect height and best comfortable because There’s nothing more annoying than sitting on a stool that’s the wrong height. Too short, and you feel like a Hobbit, too high and you’re knocking your knees, besides being super uncomfortable, a too short, or too tall stool is not the greatest look. To help navigate the modern bar stool department, here’s a little how-to to help you pick the right stool for your space.

We have a lot of bar chair for projects lately, and I feel like I’m running out of options! There are so many challenges in finding the right one for the right clients. For some people, comfort is king; for others, it’s all about looks. Some people need to swivel while others want to stay stationary.

There’s also the issue of depth; I’ve had the unfortunate experience of unearthing the perfect bar stool, only to find out the overhang at the bar is typically shallow, and there won’t be enough room. And no matter what the style is, staying mindful of scale is always important, not just with regard to space they sit in, but also in context with other furnishings.

The staple seating choice of the kitchen, bar stools are the perfect match for islands and bars. Here’s how to find the best option for your space, from height to a number of stools to seating style.

The Right Height

Bar stools come in four standard heights named for the seating surface they pair with. To determine which you need, simply measure the height of your tabletop. Adjustable bar stools, outfitted with hydraulic pumps that allow you to move the seat up or down, are a flexible alternative that can transition throughout spaces and uses.

Counter VS. Bar

You may be surprised to hear that there is the difference between bar stools and counter stools. Though maybe not if you’ve been sitting on the wrong sized stool! So what is the difference between the two? Well that all comes down to height.

Counter stools are typically lower, but not that low! A comfortable height is around 24-29 inches tall, and what you would use to sit at the kitchen counter. These stools sit well under a counter height that’s between 34-39 inches high. The Cherner Stool is made of molded plywood and slips underneath the kitchen counter at 25 inches tall.

Go for Adjustable

Adjustable stools to the rescue of the stools or chair now the like the long Lift Stool adjustable modern stools are also a great option for growing children who may need a higher seat to start. Adjustable stools are also great for use in multiple areas the Giro Swivel Stool is great to go from counter, to table, to the desk, all with a twist of its adjustable seat.

Counter height stools

Another type is the counter height stool. These have the ideal height for a 36-39” high counter top they are around 24-27” high and they’re also great to have on their own for extra seating these are commonly used for kitchen or bar counters.

Bar height stools

A Bar Height Table (or Pub Height) measures between 40″ – 42″ Tall. Therefore, the bar stools are in the 28″- 30″ range bar height furniture is most commonly used with home bars but can also be found in some pub sets and counter set-ups. These tables often are mistaken for Counter Height Tables and vice-a-versa.

The spacing between bar stools

In addition to the height of the stool, another detail to take into consideration is the spacing between them. There should be 26-30” from the center of one stool to the center of the one next to it. This ensures a comfortable seating experience for all the users.


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