The Importance of Unique Advertisement in an Elevator


Advertisements have a huge impact on people. Putting it on elevator makes sure that they see it every day during their daily journey. An elevator is a great option to advertise sometimes. But the advertisement needs to be catchy and should attract people. Nowadays there is competition in everything as in making the advertisement more attractive. The ad agencies need to find innovative ideas to put up an ad almost every day. Because generalized ads do not get the attention of more number of people. When a person travels through an elevator he or she generally has nothing to do other than staying busy in their phone. So it is easy to draw their attention to an advertisement.

Most of the people these days take an elevator to move from one floor to other. An advertisement should be such that it can easily interact with people and attract them towards it. For this, an advertisement should be in such a place where a person visits most of their times in a day. An elevator is such an option. Putting advertisements on an elevator is a new thing and there are various ways by which one can make it attractive. An elevator is not really a big place. There is a very limited amount of space, so you don’t have to cover much of it. Any elevator advertising agency spends most of their time in making the posters catchy and attractive to draw the attention.

The days of traditional advertisements are gone now. People want some new, modern touch in each and everything. Advertising in an elevator gives us the option to show the creativity level. There is one thing very important about the advertisements. That is if we see an ad repeatedly it gets stuck in our mind and we give a thought about it. In case of the ads in newspapers or magazines, it does not happen. As we read it for one time and then throw it away. But in case of the elevator, it does not happen. We go through the elevator many times a day and see the advertisements repeatedly and get used to it.

In a social survey, it was observed that most of the people find the advertisements in elevator interesting and they actually tried to contact the advertisers. If the advertisements are catchy and interactive it can actually have a huge impact on people. It is also very cost-effective. Small businesses need two things – advertisement in a targeted area and the low cost of the advertisements. The elevator ads provide both of these things. An elevator is not a very interesting place. The modern digital advertisements can add some life to it.

Many people feel monotonous and awkward in front of unknown people. The various posters and ads can keep them distracted and make the ride a little interesting. It can also make a way of income for many people like ad agencies, building owner. It is worth trying for at least once.


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