The Positive Impacts of Social Networking on Education


The internet is a vital and crucial element of human life that cannot be neglected. A large global community uses internet for various purposes including education but unfortunately, we have witnessed a majority of youth who use Internet for only social networking sites.

Recent Development
The swift development of information and communication technologies has flicker the creative integration of social media into current educational processes. The social media includes a wide range of web-based products and services that are designed to endorse relationship development through teamwork and sharing of information, culture, and ideas. These tools provide various opportunities for individuals to express their feelings due to such social interactions. The social media can embrace blogs, Wikipedia, media in terms of audio, image, video, text, networking platforms (including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and virtual community.)

Social Media is on peak everywhere in the world. Its outreach is massive catering millions of populations around the globe by providing information, social relationships, and entertainment. The use of social media in educational institution like schools is equally appreciated and no more a neglected feature for teachers. The course instructors in schools and colleges have discovered the benefits of social media by means of sharing useful information and an effective way to communicate with other fellow educators and teachers of other institutions as a part of useful interaction.

In order to evaluate the impact of social networking, a research was carried out with university students of City University of Hong Kong, and University of Science and Technology of China. The results portrayed the influence of social media networking on students in terms of their social and essay help interaction with the educators worldwide enhancing the learning opportunities. The student’s experiences and attitudes towards social networking are being evaluated. It has broken the stereotype that social networking is just for entertainment purposes alone. The students have reported effective communication for learning and social purposes via social networking sites. Many of them have revived their old friendships from past school colleagues, building a strong virtual relationship.

The good
It has been observed that students display a positive attitude towards the use of technology in terms of grasping new concepts and ideas, customization, technological approach. It has been observed that students have been sharing various piece of information ranging from poetry, articles, blogs, videos, documentary links etc. There is a lot of educational potential on social networking.

The Bad
The phenomena of social network is quiet easy to comprehend. A facility allows the individual to build social profile in order to communicate and build social relationships at various global locations. It is viewed as the attention seeking influence of social networking sites for non-educational and inappropriate actions like useless communication with strangers. It can be extremely time consuming adversely affecting the academic life of a student.

The communication between the students is usually based on daily life activities and entertainment. The social media is generally utilized for exchanging demographic information and material, taking images and digital snapshots, violating security and privacy of others, and conducting private conversations and chats. The users are more attracted for this sort of stuff, damaging the image of the social media.


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