Every human being in this world needs some kind of refreshment. This refreshment can be of any type. It could be reading books, listening to music, gardening, shopping, and watching movies or anything for that matter. It ultimately depends on a particular individual. Everybody has different tastes and possessions, and depending on them, they decide what to do in their time.

It can be said arbitrarily that, there are very less number of people who do not enjoy watching movies. But watching movies also has its own set of constraints. Like you can’t always go to a multiplex or watch a movie on the TV because of your busy schedule. In such situations, sites like Oviguide come to your rescue.

Ovguide is a free website aggregator that allows the users to find music videos, old and new movies, and lets them watch those online.  Let’s know about Ovguide some more.

What Is Ovguide?

Most simply, Ovguide is a search engine for movies, music, videos, TV shows and so on. It was created by Dale Bock, back in 2006. It has its headquarters in Los Angeles, California. This is a free video streaming site with 5 categories and 17 sub categories. Its popularity can be judged from the fact that it has a subscription rate of around 12million/month.

Ovguide is an easy to use site where searching a particular movie or video is very easy. Also the errors are fixed on a regular basis, leaving the users nothing to complain about.

User Guide

Though signing up in Ovguide is not obligatory, yet I would recommend you to sign up because that would give you the feature of adding a movie to your watched list. Hence you can watch your favourite movie whenever you feel like, without taking the trouble of searching it every time. Registering in Ovguide is a simple process.

Once the registration is done, you can search your favourite movies in Ovguide.

Ovguide has five sections:

  1. Movies

This section has four sub sections. Here you can enjoy movies of different genres, both new and old.

  1. TV Shows

This section is right next to the “Movies” section. It has five sub sections. Here you can stream all types of TV shows.

  1. Celebrity

This is an interesting section with three sub sections. If you love knowing about celebrities, their life style, juicy gossips about their personal lives, then this section is the most suitable one for you.

  1. Music

Here again you would have the option to choose from a huge music library. It has got different genres of music, so that you can pick up according to your mood and play.

  1. Anime

Finally if you are an anime lover then this is your ultimate destination. Choose from numerous number of anime and enjoy.

Add Your Own Video

Another interesting fact about Ovguide is that it lets you upload your own video.

For that, first you will have to register in Ovguide with your YouTube channel. Once you upload your video, the jury would evaluate the quality of your video. If they find it good enough, then your video would be added to their site. Other users can then watch your video along with 10 million other videos in the site. They can also give you feedback about how they enjoyed your video.

Ovguide is undoubtedly one of the best online video streaming sites with phenomenal picture quality and uncomplicated user interface. Therefore users tend to enjoy Ovguide a lot. You can also give it a try, considering its exciting and stimulating features.

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