The Cartier Love Bracelet was created in 1969 by Aldo Cipullo, after the medieval Chastity Belts. It was an instant hit in the market at that time, and it acted as an approach to show the world that the person who wore it was deep and secured in love. 

The following are Some Facts about the Love Bracelets:-

Where was it designed?
The Cartier Love Bracelet was created in New York in 1969, and not in the headquarters of Cartier in Paris.

How was it Designed?
The love bracelet’s design was oval to fit as smoothly as possible on your lover’s wrist, and it was designed for couples to wear it. They were inferred as handcuffs for modern couples because they were made safe utilizing a screwdriver.

How it Transformed the Jewellery World?

The Cartier Bracelet is often credited for changing and evolving the way of wearing jewellery. In that era when the Love Bracelets were created, jewels were always selected explicitly to coordinate with the outfit. However, the Love bracelet wasn’t planned to coordinate with any outfit or to suit any event, and it was worn day and night by the people. 

Materials That Used For Bracelets

In the beginning, the bracelets were made of silver and plated in gold, but Cartier started to design solid gold bracelets soon after that. After the bracelets’ initial design became an instant hint, the diamond-studded bracelets were manufactured in 1979 for the first time. Gift the Cartier bracelet to your loved ones.

High Demand For Bracelets

In the beginning, the love bracelets didn’t have a serial number, but as the popularity and demand increased, Cartier started to engrave a unique number on each bracelet. The numbers are kept in a file. After the feudal Chastity Belts. Cartier Bracelets was an instantaneous hit in the market at that time

Every luxury item has a copy of it; the Love Bracelets are no exception. The following are the two from the few ways of spotting the difference between real and fake love bracelets:-

  • Check the Brand Mark: The real love bracelet has the brand mark on one side of the bracelet, but the fake ones have it on both sides of the bracelet. The real logo is clear, sharp, and has font in cursive, while the fake one has font which is smudged. Recognising the font is very important, so it is better to hold a picture of a real Cartier Bracelet for comparison.
  • Colour: The bracelets are crafted in gold and platinum, whether it’s rose or white gold. The fake bracelets have a dull, tarnished look, which makes them different from the real ones. It is important to look at the bracelets closely to spot the difference.
To Sum It Up

The love bracelets are a symbol of love, as explained in the above context. The world of jewellery was revolutionised after the introduction of the Cartier Bracelets.  The price of this love bracelet is increasing every year, and the popularity is still not declining; it even works as an investment.

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