Instagram Danger For Teens & How to Protect Them Online?


Technology has overshadowed all the other platforms and has introduced social networking apps. Now people no matter if they are adults, teens, tweens, and kids all of them are obsessed with social media apps such as Tumblr. The social messaging apps are free to use for doing plenty of activities and they are known for best tech-creatures to gather the information, collection of contemporary culture, the piece of the cultural zeitgeist.

Anyhow, Instagram is one of the major platforms of a digital world that has grasped the young minds and has made its place among the best social messaging apps. You can follow blogs, can make their own blog, follow celebrities and politicians, the best platform for the people have artistic skills and last but not least it is the best app for creating communities of teens online.

According to the states:

  • It’s been created in the year of 2007, and it has more than 450 million users.
  • It has 225 million blogs with 80 million posts a day.
  • Anyone can use it after the age of 12 years, but the verification of age is not necessary.
  • Most of the Tumblr users are young and more than 70% of the users under the age of 35.

It looks normal: Then what is the issue

Basically, Tumble social app is a micro-blogging platform such as WordPress or the blogs that allow sharing the post and the content. It empowers the user to express their individuality at the time when they make interaction within the Tumblr’s communities if the people that share similar aesthetics.

Instagram Dangers for teens

The reason behind the Tumblr vulnerability for teens is its content that is un-restricted at all. You can post anything you want to on the social media platform. A user can post text, images, inappropriate content and further share it with anyone it the world. Most of the content that has been shared on the platform is harmless, but the sharing of pornographic material can really harm young kids and teens to the fullest.

So, online predators can use this kind of inappropriate content to target young teens. The unrestricted online communities of the Instagram instant messenger are its second-largest harmful aspect. It means anyone can make Tumblr account and can approach your teens whether being a cyberbully, stalker, child abusers and a serial killer. So, teens don’t come to the point with whom they are having a conversation on Instagram. In short, everyone can contact to your teens on the social messaging app, ready your blogs, comment and even can view the blog if your teen has blocked the person.

How parents can protect teens online?

If you think your teen is using Instagram and you really want to protect her online, then you should have a conversation with your teens. Teach them about online dangers such as online predators and how they can operate and what ways they can use to chase and trap them online. Set the time limit when they use social media and make your own account and add your teens on social media platforms such as Tumblr. But you still are not satisfied with your efforts, and then you need to use the cell phone monitoring software.

Use a cell phone spy app

Parents can use the cell Iphone tracking app in order to track the teen’s activities on Instagram by using the phone. Install it on your cell phone and put your all worries aside and monitor your teen’s social media activities remotely with the complete time stamp.

Once you have installed the mobile phone tracking software on teen’s device then use TOS spy 360 live screen sharing. This tool enables parents to share the screen of the teen’s phones into the online control panel of the best spyware for the cell phone. Then they can view live activities of teens on Instagram messenger to the fullest. Parents can view a post, shared content and comments on your teen’s blogs to the fullest. This will keep parents up to date all the time and they can quick action if something is going wrong.


Use cell phone parental control app and protect your teens from all instagram danger for teens. Parents can remotely view their activities on the messenger and can take action accordingly.

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