9 Impressive Tips to do SEO Friendly Web Design In 2020


To have a site that is search engine friendly, you are just required to keep in mind a few standard SEO principles as well as exceptional content development practices. You can not deny that the website is an amazing way to generate leads, promote your brand, and create a trustworthy customer relationship. However, this can only take place when the website design is SEO friendly.

Excellent website design is vital to any company attempting to look for success online, however in case the site does not have the chance to get a good search ranking, only a few people might ever get for viewing it. Always remember that without proper optimization, the content might never be consumed or displayed well on the search engine ranking. This Houston web design company here can provide you custom designs, full marketing solutions, and everything you need to take your business to the next level.

Nobody can deny its importance as integrating the SEO optimizations into the website will boost the presence of your company on Google SERPs. To achieve great results, you are required to utilize some simple tips and tricks for making the website SEO friendly and increase the brand awareness of your website. 

Follow these 8 impressive tricks and make your website design SEO friendly – 

1. Optimize the images – Using images and infographics is a wonderful way to boost your website’s visual appearance. In case you optimize images, there is a high probability that you can boost the search engine ranking of your site. While picking a picture for the website, ensure the fact that the image is not way too large. Never forget that Google pays heed to images while measuring the SEO of the site. 

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Usually, images on a website must be 30-100kb and have a resolution of 72dpi as well. Bigger images will increase the site loading time, and will also negatively impact the search engine rank. Make sure to use a keyword in the image’s alt text part as it will help with the website’s SEO. Also, the text used in infographics must include a relevant keyword. Moreover, making appropriate use of HTML attributes to images as well as creating captions for them can also optimize images.

2. Add feature of live chat – People read reviews or blogs before making a purchase. If visitors have queries, they will navigate to the website to learn more about the products or services through live chat. When the live chat service is prompt, and the information is useful and correct, the customer experience will improve, and they’ll be more likely to buy.  

Businesses are not aware of the ability of live chat functionality. However, studies say, nearly 2 out of 10 customers will complete more than 75% of their shopping online through live chat. More than 25% of customers will make between 55%-75% of their purchases on the web using live chat. This is an added benefit for an eCommerce Store, thus good service will generate repeat traffic and more sales with eCommerce live chat support. This means that companies with chat features would be having more traffic. It will generate more online interest. So, more interest means more traffic and a higher website ranking.

3. Use your keywords smartly – Most people focus on utilizing the keyword in the content and while doing so, they neglect the other areas. Never forget that keywords can be used in your website designing as well. The majority of SEO campaigns depend upon the right keyword selection. If your keyword is not good enough, then building a website will not make any sense. Furthermore, you must utilize tools like Google Adwords Keywords, Ubersuggest, etc. for selecting the best performing keywords.

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Needless to say, there won’t be any use of creating the best site if the keywords are not put wisely. Along with utilizing keywords in the main context of the pages, you should also place them in the other areas like Meta description tags, page titles, alt tags, headings, and URLs, etc, so that your website can witness a major boost. 

4. Steer clear of duplicate content – Copied content is your website’s ultimate killer. In case you think about the website ranking, you always need to focus on authentic and unique content. Having duplicate content on the website will negatively affect its rank and it could also penalize you. Check for copied content so that your SEO strategy stays topnotch. You should always use authentic and unique content for the website. 

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Optimize the content with Meta description, a user-friendly title featured image and supporting video or image, etc. Website content, like blogs, must contain those keywords which the customers might be looking for. However, make sure that your content offers value by giving answers to a question the user might be asking. Always focus on educating website visitors on the subject. Your content should also provide additional information about the event, product, or service. 

5. Opt for a user-friendly URL – Your website’s URL is required to be user-friendly, or else it won’t have a good rank as it needs to. First and foremost, the URL structure of a site may not be your major priority, but its importance is undeniable. Simplify the URLs so that you have innovative ones for every page. You must not neglect the finer details and attempt to limit categories in your link. Moreover, if you are required to separate the words in the URL, ensure the fact that you utilize hyphens instead of underscores for doing so. Also, don’t just copy the title and paste in URL with hyphens. Rather keep it short, informative with well-performing keywords.

One of the major reasons why it must be meaningful to you is because search engines give major emphasis on the significance of the URL. They have an automated procedure known as spiders to the index for sites. You should make the websites according to the spiders’ requirements, in fact, both search engines and readers should be capable of reading the URL. 

6. Integrate Social Media into the site’s design – There is no denying the fact that the search engines value social media and so do the prospective customers of your website. Incorporating the elements of social media into your website’s design will help in ranking better with the search engines. While designing the website, ensure the fact that you include the social media icons for all your accounts of social media, like Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. 


To build an SEO friendly website, there is no way you can deny the relevance of social media as it plays a significant role in the web pages’ SEO. You must always keep in mind that the most inevitable element of a search engine is “Social Media”. It will not only help in ranking the website highly among other search engines, but it will also help in showcasing that the company is easily approachable.

7. Ensure smart use of Flash Elements – Utilizing way more flash on the website can prove to be distracting for the visitors and it can impact the search engine ranking of your website as well. In case you utilize flash elements on the website, it will become difficult for the search engines to give a rank to your website. Generally, flash is usually devalued or ignored by the search engines referring to the fact that it will not add anything to the SEO of the website.


But, in case you are about to utilize the flash on the post of your website, then you should do it in a restricted manner. There is a reason why the use of flash elements comes into the category of the most useful SEO tips and tricks as they play a crucial role in Search Engine Optimization. Hence, you must be extra cautious when it comes to flash elements. 

8. Make your design accessible – In case your site is not accessible, then it will impact the conversion rates and ranking with the search engines. Also, your site is required to be viewable on all browsers, because if it is not, then this will prove to be a major reason behind the exit of visitors without utilizing your services or buying any products. 

If the website has a slow loading speed, or it is tough to navigate, then there is a high probability that it will rank low with the search engines. Never forget that design is the most effective part of SEO and making it accessible will enhance the site visibility. Therefore, ensure that your website looks correct on every web browser, you don’t utilize any kind of images which have a slow-loading speed, and the site loads completely. Furthermore, in case you utilize the images then you should compress the same before you add them to the website. 

9. Confirm infrequent use of JavaScript – A majority of websites make the mistake of utilizing JavaScript for their entire website design. The search engines crawl through websites to index them and to evaluate their search ranking in the results. Additionally, JavaScript does not work especially well on mobile devices and that is why one of the most important things to keep in mind is to utilize JavaScript sparingly. 


In case your site features a huge amount of JavaScript, then the search engine will struggle in reading your website and it will cause the crawling issues. You must strive to make it as easy and simple as possible for the search engines to read the site, as well as your website must be user-friendly for the visitors. 

How your site looks and the quality of experience it provides are significant factors for the search rankings, either indirectly or directly. Whether you have been in the sector of SEO for years or only a few weeks, there is always a scope of doing more. Google is continuously changing and now with the help of newly available technology, there is still a lot you can do to make your website more SEO friendly. As a result, you will see an impressive boost in the online visibility of your company. 

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