Enhance & Magnify Your Skills With Regional Visa Of Australia


If you are a qualified and hard-working individual aspiring to earn a living, migrating to Australia could be the most feasible choice you make. Compensating the lack of skilled workers in the country, Australia has introduced two Skilled Regional Visa for talented migrants seeking a flouring career, permanent residency and eventually citizenship.

The visas include a long list of occupational skills you can show your expertise in like real estate agents, journalists, accountants, paramedics, filmmakers, historians, psychologists, engineers and hundreds of other artistry.

All You Need To Know About Skilled Regional Visa

There are two types:

  1. Skilled Employer-Sponsored Regional Visa(Provisional) Subclass 494:
    This visa is for workers who are sponsored by an employer from regional Australia.
  2. Skilled Work Regional Visa(Provisional) Subclass 491:
    The visa targets those migrants who are nominated by the State or Territory Government or nominated by an eligible family member who lives and works in a regional area of Australia.

Skilled Regional Visa Key Facts:

  • The applicant needs to live and work in regional areas of Australia
  • The applicant or the sponsoring family member must hold a Subclass 475, 487, 495 or 496 visa
  • The visa will be valid for 5 years
  • If you hold a skilled regional provisional visa you can straight away apply for Permanent Residence Visa
  • To apply for the Permanent Residence Visa you need to provide documental evidence that proves you have stayed and worked in regional Australia for at least 3 years.

How beneficial is the Skilled regional visa?

  • If you hold a skilled regional visa you can stay and work in regional Australia(anywhere in the country except Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane) with your family.
  • Qualified migrants will be eligible for Medicare facilities which will lower the cost of living by providing free or low-cost medical care for families.
  • If you plan to settle down in the regional areas you would be awarded 5 extra points in your skilled visa points.
  • For international students, if you undertake a course in the regional cities your graduate visa will be extended to three or four years.
  • If you are proficient in speaking other languages then the Northern territory offers special career opportunities to increase employment in industries like tourism, agriculture, mining, renewable energy resources and space industry.

How Does It Impact Your Life And Career In Australia?

  • Lifestyle Changes:
    Regional Australia has no traffic congestion, no crowds, no long queues and no pollution. You can live in a quieter and peaceful environment, eat fresh and healthy food and experience a more natural lifestyle away from city hassles.
  • Cost Of Living Drops Drastically:
    House rent and food expenses are pretty less as compared to cities. So, you can save a few more dollars every month.
  • Better Community Culture:
    Regional areas are less populated. So, people living there form a community of their own. They are more friendly and bond easily.
  • Living in a Purer Ambience:
    Lack of transport is a disadvantage though but again that helps you breathe in some fresh air devoid of toxic chemicals and gases. You can spend more time relishing the natural beauty in Australia.

    Regional visa has expanded new horizons for business and employment along with many additional perks from the Government to enhance your knowledge and skills effectively.

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