How to Maintain a Rental Property

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Property managers should always be aware and schedule a maintenance duty regularly. Planned preventive maintenance can help you prevent small problems from turning into significant expenses in the long run. Below is a list of property maintenance tasks that should become a practice.

·   Schedule A Pest Control

The pest control process should be done on the whole property every month or at least every other month. It can prevent rodents or insects to occur completely even if there are no signs of them. The extermination process should not limit to one area as critters will travel to another part of the property. Although purchasing of exterminating supplies can be done by ourselves, this method is usually best left to a professional. Monthly exterminations will cost you a lot, but this preventive maintenance is a much cheaper option than the losing current and potential buyers due to a pest problem. For instance, spending $50 per unit for a monthly extermination procedure is a much better option rather than losing $1000 per month in rent because of the unoccupied unit. A complete pest problem will be a total profit loss because renters may have to leave their property. The walls, including the ceiling, will have to be opened up, too, and this leads to the significant renovation of the property.

·   Regularly Clean the Air-Conditioning Unit System

The cleaning of filters in your heating or air conditioning system should be done quarterly or every three months.  It can prevent the air duct from becoming contaminated. Also, dirty filters can increase utility bills because it brings the system to work inefficiently. Even if your renters pay their utilities, we should pay attention to these issues, have ac repair services when necessary because high utility bills can lead us to lose valuable tenants. If you need ac corona services, local companies like Friends & Family HVAC and AC Repair | Chills on Wheels Heating & Air Contractors, Inc. should be able to help. Visit sites like for professional guidance. You may also consider hiring a professional in Heater maintenance in Virginia Beach.

 ·   Regular Inspection of Electrical Panel Boards

This preventive maintenance task should be done at least once a year. A registered electrician should inspect and carried out maintenance procedures to ensure that the electrical panel board component, such as a breaker, the contactor is working efficiently. Conduct electrical maintenance procedures by retightening the terminals. It is to ensure that there will be no loose wire connection. You can also carry out voltage and ampere readings on each electrical line, and cleaning the body of the panel boards inside and out using insulated tools and vacuum to prevent the dirt from penetrating inside the electrical system.  

·   Inspect for Any Water leaks

Identifying any water leaks in your property is a critical task. On-going leaks can completely disintegrate your walls, ceilings, and floorings too. The perfect time to check for any possible leakage is after a rainstorm or on scorching days very humid is arising, which tends the pipes to condensate or sweats. Have the septic system inspected as well as the soft spots on the roofs and ceilings. Look for any signs of water around the showers and toilets.

 ·   Inspect Smoke Detectors

Regularly checking these devices every month to make sure they are working when emergency conditions arise. Both AC (alternating current) as well as DC (direct current) should be tested using an electrical tester such as clamp meter. Schedule to check them when you collect rent.

·   Flush the Gutters

Clogged gutters can harm your property. To prevent this from occurring, we need to inspect and clean the gutters regularly, as this area can quickly become clogged with dry leaves and other dirt. Aside from cleaning, we can also purchase gutter guards. It sits on top of the gutter and has a small hole that penetrates only the water to pass through, leaving larger debris to accumulate in the drain.

These simple steps are a beneficial method to maintain an excellent rental property. Also, by spending a small amount of money on maintenance services, it can generate lots of profit while keeping a good relationship with your existing and future clients. For your property management needs, you may call on Harrison Township Property Management to help you.

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