Secrets to Successful SAP Implementation


SAP is a software which is trusted by over 70,000 customers worldwide owing to many benefits that it offers. Whether it is a pay-as-you-go model, flexibility, performance, automation of business processes, the software makes its easy for every decision makers and business professionals to stay vigilant and gain a comprehensive view of data the time they want. However, if you are new to adopting SAP Business One in your organization you would want to play safer.

There are however no secrets for the successful SAP Business One implementation. The best ERP implementations are a culmination of certain processes put together. Some of them comprise:

Over customizing the software

The one mistake that companies mostly make is over customizing the software. If your business needs some functionality specific to your business, then it makes sense to invest in ERP add-ons. These add-ons which is specific to your industry like pharma, manufacturing, packaging, retail, logistics, play a crucial role in realizing your said objectives.

Dedicated team assigned to your project

To make SAP Business One project successful, it pays to invest in a partner who is dedicatedly working on your project. Carefully examine the partner experience and ask them freely to assign you a dedicated person with whom you can share the interaction you want to have. You should be liberal to call this person the time you need them the most.

Migrate data strategically

Data is highly critical and all care must be given to ensure it is migrated to SAP safely. While migrating, sift through all the data and filter it before taking it forward. Data migration may be time-consuming so it’s best practices to filter that data and migrate safely to the software to ensure there is no disruption and risk associated with it. However, if more data is needed you can always go back and migrate it safely again.

Considering budget

One of the primary reasons for SAP implementation failure is mismanagement of the budget. So, examine all the aspects of SAP before embarking on the journey to digitization. Keep an eye on budget and other costing aspects.

Set realistic deadlines and go-live when absolutely ready

It is obvious that one would want to make the project live soon. The only possible way to make it happen by setting unrealistic deadlines. Don’t let the pressures of a strict deadline hamper the quality of the overall implementation. On the other hand, set realistic deadlines.

Give testing a priority

Make testing a priority and your implementation will always enjoy success. Never compromise when it comes to testing as this is where you can eliminate all the potential problems that the project may face in the future. Conduct testing carefully and stick to it to avoid any surprises.

So now that you know some of the secret recipes of implementations, it pays to consult one of the SAP business one partners in India. It won’t be long when others look at your implementation and believes you hold a secret formula to SAP implementation.

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