The Most Profitable Careers in America


It’s no longer a surprise that the top 10 best-paying careers in the US right now are all in the healthcare sector. Now, the healthcare industry is worth more to the economy than both the manufacturing sector and the retail sector, and that doesn’t look like changing anytime soon. Long gone are the days when lawyers earned more than anyone else; they’re now the 18th most high-paying careers in the US, just before sales managers and slightly a little lower than a pilot. On the other hand, if you want a very realistic flight simulator experience for training pilots then that is easily the best option, it is an incredible experience. So with that in mind, what are the careers that you can do in the US that will earn you the most money? Let’s look at the top 10 from online Salary Guides.

10. Dentist

This specialized healthcare role can mean long hours, but the salary is more than worth it. While the average salary of a dentist in the US is around $175,840 per year, some dentists are earning a lot more than that average. Dentists for implants, veneers and fillings are very popular right now. Looking at the net worth of a top-rated LA dentist shows that different dentists are earning considerably more than the national average. However, even a rural dentist will be earning more than many of the other occupations that used to be in the top 10. When you are looking for a dentist, I recommend you to visit the Dentists Ranked page for details.

9. Pediatrician

Not a career for everyone, pediatricians are the branch of medical professionals that specialize in treating the medical conditions of children and young people. There are a variety of pediatric professions, but the average salary can be as high as $183,240 a year. However, it’s also a high-stress occupation that takes a lot of mental toughness. You might see the most vulnerable members of society struggling through hardships most people couldn’t bear, so you need to be very aware of the downsides of this career option.

8. Prosthodontist

A specialist branch of dentistry, these are the dentists that only deal with reconstructive dental surgery. If a standard dentist (at position number 10) offers jaw reconstruction, bridges, and dentures as part of their services then they will command a lot more of a salary. A prosthodontist can earn around $191,400 a year, but they will have an additional three years of dental school to complete before they get that salary hike.

7. Physician

This will be your family or personal doctor. There was a point where being a doctor was around level with a lawyer in terms of salary, but doctors have become the career of choice for those looking for high wages. There are now so many types of specialists that a physician has to have a basic understanding of so much medical knowledge that it can be a highly stressful occupation just to keep up with. With an average salary of $196,490 a year though, it could be worth the long years of medical training.


Fancy getting inside people’s heads and trying to make their lives better? You won’t have to have much in the way of knowledge about the body, but learning all about the mind can be even more challenging. Average salaries for US psychiatrists sits at around $220,380 per year, but this is very much affected by your location, your clientele, and your reputation. Many psychiatrists are earning far more than that average!

5. Orthodontist

This is another branch of dentistry that pays a lot more than you might think. One of the reasons why dentists can earn so much cash is because they rarely stick to one discipline, and most dental surgeries will offer orthodontic services and prosthodontist options as well as basic treatments. 

4. Obstetrician and Gynecologist

Like all of the occupations on this list, you’ll need some specialist training and a doctorate to become an obstetrician/gynecologist. The good news is that you could be earning around $238,320 a year delivering babies and making sure that pregnant women and their unborn children are being looked after and getting all of the care that they need. This is a career that can have a lot of personal satisfaction, but it’s not an occupation to consider lightly. There’s a lot of training involved and is often one of the more stressful and demanding careers on this list.

3. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

This is all about reconstructive surgery. Maxillofacial surgeons specialize in repairing facial trauma and will be able to carry out work from the neck and head to the jaws and the face itself. This is certainly something to consider focusing on if you fancy earning an average of $242,370 a year! However, it is often more profitable to avoid this specialization if you are already a working surgeon, as it can sometimes mean a drop in salary.

2. Surgeon

While dentists and other medical practitioners are also considered surgeons, the standard hospital surgeon without a specific specialty is one of the top-earning jobs in the world. In the US, a good surgeon can earn well above the national surgeon salary of $255,110 a year. They are often shown in the media as the rock stars of a hospital, so maybe it’s not always just about the salary!

1. Anesthesiologist

It tends to surprise people to find out that an anesthesiologist gets paid more than a surgeon, but it shouldn’t be. Anesthesia is a very complicated subject because while there might be plenty of drugs available that will help to make someone unconscious, you have to make sure that the patient can wake up afterward. The type of anesthetic to use will depend on a massive range of factors, from age, illness, existing medications, and so much more all affecting which anesthetics are safe to use and which aren’t. That’s why an anesthesiologist is the highest paid job in America, earning an average salary of $391,800 a year.

As healthcare continues to grow as an industry, and technology continues to push the boundaries for improving the quality of life for so many people, salaries are rising. Already, the healthcare industry is bigger than ever. When every occupation in the top 10 highest earning jobs in the US are based in healthcare, it might be time to start looking at the best ways for you to get into that industry sooner rather than later.

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