What Qualities Should A Good Children’s Book Cover Possess? Find Out


With the growing dependence of kids on mobile phones for games and entertainment, the popularity of books is on a decline. But kids’ must-read books instead of spending time in front of computer or mobile phone screens. Now, are there ways to inculcate the habit of reading in kids, so that they go off-grid? Yes, there are, but the hook that works almost every time is making interesting books, with eye-catchy illustrations available for them to read.

But note that a child will not pick a book if its cover is boring. So, the illustration on the book cover is equally important. Here is how illustration on children book covers can be made appealing. Check out-

  • The first and most important thing is finesse. No, matter how well-thought-out an illustration on the cover of a book is, if it has not been done with expertise, it could fail to attract young eyes. And this is where the role of a good illustration company comes. By hiring a reputed company, you ensure that only expert hands will do your work. This factor is significant and shouldn’t be compromised. After all, quality matters, even when it is in the context of children’s book cover illustrations.
  • The emotions or sentiments in the illustration have to be right. An illustrated character can easily look lifeless, without the right emotion infused into it by it’s an artist.

Also, it’s vital to reflect the tone of the book appropriately with its cover illustration. For instance, if the story depicts some tragedy, say a shipwreck, then the illustration on the cover must reflect the plight of the people who were on board. In case it’s a fantasy, then children might like to see some magical thing happening right on the cover of the book. Remember, it’s difficult to please children, but then once you understand their psychology, creating the right illustrations for them gets easy.

  • Book cover illustrations should be colorful. Although it’s not absolutely necessary that you get only colorful illustrations created for your book cover, it could help attract kids’ attention. There is no denying that children love colors. They are not like adults, and hence, fail to find beauty in colorless objects.

The illustration of a book cover should depict the theme of the book. Probably, the book is about a child’s trip to the zoo and how he interacts with the animals there. Now, for such a book, the cover illustration should not include the child or the zoo solely. It should include both, so that the theme of the book can be guessed by any kid, without hassle. It is only when a child understands the theme of the book from the book cover that he can decide on whether or not to purchase it.

These are some really important points to remember regarding illustrations on children’s book covers. If you are thinking of getting your book published, then it would be valuable for you to approach a reliable illustration company and a marketing company for the best book promotion services. They can come up with appropriate children book illustrations for your book cover, something that your potential readers will be able to connect to almost instantly.

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