5 reasons you should stop using PDF for business content


Is it hard for you to compress PDF files? Well, we all know that PDF file format is an important file type that you generally use in your business content. But for some of people PDF is not a reliable file format due to certain reasons. This is the main reason that users are always looking for online tools to either compress PDF file or convert PDF file into Word documents. Let’s see why is it happening!

5 major reasons you should stop using PDF for business content

PDFs are not mobile-friendly

Fixed layout is something that is designed for print or desktop purposes. And hence this made the mobile user to not access it with ease. It hence requires panning around or extreme zooming. 

In short, we will say that there is a huge issue of user experience and can cause headaches for the readers. Within the current age of the mobile-first experience, the audience never wants them to be in the hassle of looking over for something which is not fitted for their screens.

2. They require numerous steps to access

As they are working as offline documents, PDF compressors generally require downloading before they view it. This is the biggest barrier for desktop users. But when it comes to mobile users, downloading of files turns out to be an alien task where they require the file manager app or the 3rd party PDF viewer.

In the current world where each ounce of friction is equal to the opportunities, all such steps can also lead the users to abandon your content just before even starting.

If you want your audience to feel engaged with the content, then make sure you are providing them with easy access to open the file. 

3. You cannot track reader engagement in PDF

PDF is not having the utmost ability where they can collect the data. You will often see that how many times any PDF file compress format has been downloaded from the landing page. But no one has an idea that what a person do afterward. 

You won’t be able to see which topics and pages are interesting and what links the coming visitors have clicked on. It might even make it uneasy for you to see if someone has read it or they have just left it by downloading the folder. 

4. PDFs are a boring multimedia 

In the PDF, loading of the content is the biggest issue for sue! A reader is always in a search of content that is well-produced and is pleasing. 

When you are designing any content in PDF size compressor, you can add some images or hyperlinks but that too just in a limited manner.  Adding extra images or graphical work can make it uneasy for the reader to open the PDF document. 

5. PDFs are not easy to share

Interesting content is always a valuable piece for the readers. They start sharing it on social media websites and make sure that it is shared to the whole world.  But if the business content of yours is in the compressed PDF file format, then you get deprived of this opportunity. It is a file format that is of greater MB and hence this becomes uneasy for the users to share it with others.

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