The Future Of Wind Energy Jobs: 5 Trends To Watch


The wind sector had substantial growth in 2020, in contrast to many other businesses, albeit arguably not as much as anticipated. The opening of 3.5 gigawatts of new wind farms in June alone demonstrates the continued importance of wind energy and renewable resources in the United States and throughout the globe.

People are looking ahead to the trends for the following year as 2020 draws to a close. The epidemic and general unpredictability of 2020 suggest that 2021 will be a crucial year for Wind Energy Jobs.

Winds of change blowing globally

Off the coast of Scotland is Kincardine, the largest floating wind farm in the world, which has five gigantic Vestas V164-9.525 MW turbines.

In August, eight EU countries that border the Baltic Sea agreed to increase offshore wind power generation capacity from the current 2.8 GW, the majority of which is located in Danish and German waters, by seven times by 2030.
The Floating Offshore Wind Shot was introduced in September by the Biden administration in the US, igniting the fires already burning in the renewable energy sector.

In order to reduce the prices of floating technologies by more than 70% by 2035, to $45 per megawatt-hour, it wants to increase capacity to 15 GW by 2035, which will be sufficient to power 5 million households.

Here are the top five wind energy trends for the upcoming year:

1. Getting Over the Pandemic

Numerous renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar, were temporarily delayed during the outbreak. Before the pandemic, a large number of onshore wind facilities had previously been funded, but not all of them had been built. It is anticipated that by 2021, capacity levels will rise to their pre-pandemic levels of 2019 levels.

The Traverse Wind Energy Center, Wind Energy Jobs, and Aviator Wind Project are only three US wind projects that will begin operations in the following year.

2. More Political Engagement

Wind energy might be anticipated to get increased government and political backing once President-elect Joe Biden takes office. More particular, it is anticipated that the government and industry would collaborate more closely to boost renewable energy sources like wind power. We may anticipate that Wind Energy Jobs will continue to improve in efficiency and utility if these two industries begin to collaborate.

3. Adopt a large-capacity turbine strategy

The power of wind turbines is anticipated to rise significantly in 2021. GE Renewable Energy, for instance, plans to instal the most powerful offshore turbine ever in 2021. It is anticipated to generate 45% more power than any of the biggest offshore wind turbines in existence right now.

The large-capacity turbine manufactured by GE Renewable Energy is not the only one. To increase their output of renewable energy, nations all around the world are preparing to build high-power turbines.

4. More jobs are created

This year has seen extremely high unemployment rates due to the pandemic. In general, it is anticipated that employment levels would increase in 2021, but wind energy in particular should be actively recruiting for new employees. By 2029, the need for wind turbine specialists is projected to increase by 61%, according to the Wind Vision Report. Even more occupations associated with wind energy aren’t included in this number.

5. Social Justice and Wind Energy

The year 2020 saw a stronger emphasis on social justice. People from all around the world came together in response to the passing of George Floyd to stand in solidarity with the Black community and highlight the urgent need for social justice reform.

Given how important 2020 will be for social justice movements, many believe that in the following year, there will be a greater emphasis on renewable resources like wind energy.

The majority of people who are underrepresented are more likely to experience the negative consequences of climate change. As a result, social justice groups are beginning to frame and implement their agenda around wind energy and other renewable resources.


Despite the fact that 2020 has mostly been a year of difficulties and transformation, we can look forward to the year to come knowing that wind energy and renewable resources are on the increase. Contact Anistar Technologies if you anticipate needing a position or employee in the Wind Energy Jobs sector in the near year.

Anistar Technologies is a top-tier US infrastructure staffing firm that offers the greatest networking, job, and staffing possibilities.

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