8 DIY Tricks to Cool Down Your Roof in Summer


The roofs of houses become hot during summer, and the heat from a roof can make a room significantly hot. A roof becomes hot due to the sun rays falling on it as it absorbs the heat and dissipates it after the sunset. The roof and walls get heated during the day, and they radiate heat inside the rooms due to which they become warm in summer.

Cooling the roof can do much to cool down the rooms and reduce the temperature of your interiors. Therefore, it is essential to cool your roof to keep the entire home cool from inside. You could also browse this website to read some expert’s advice about the the different roofing issues and solutions you may need to know.

Let us check these DIY tips to cool down your roof in summer. 

Grow plants on the terrace


According to experts you can also hire at, plants can keep a roof cool significantly as the soil is an insulator. The moist soil can keep the roof your house cool in summer. You can use flat containers and fill them with the right mix of soil and natural organic manure.

Then you can cultivate some tropical plants that can survive in harsh summer as they need to tolerate the direct rays from the sun. Although you can use many ways to put a shade on the plants, still it is hot on the roof in summer. You need to water the plants daily to fulfill their watering requirements and keep the soil moist. The moist soil acts as an insulator and prevents the heat of the sun to be absorbed by the roof.  

Coat the roof with white lime

Applying a layer of white limewash on the roof of your house can create a reflective surface on the terrace. The reflective surface reflects most of the sun rays and keeps the roof cool in summer. Only a little heat enters the roof, and it does not get heated as much as without the limewash layer. Although the coat of limewash may wash away with rains, homeowners need to recoat with a fresh coat every summer. You may also consult roofing experts for a professional coating job.

Make use of Hay

Stack the bundles of straw on your terrace to keep it cool during the day. The idea is to put a plastic sheet on your roof and spread the hay on the same. Sprinkle some water on the straws to keep them moist and protect your roof from the sun. Straw is a natural insulator, and when moistened with water, it can protect your roof from the scorching heat of the sun.

Elastomeric paint


The elastomeric paint is made up of a polymer that expands and contracts with the material on which you apply the paint. Homeowners can use two coats of bright elastomeric paint on their flat roof to improve its solar reflectivity. Tests on elastomeric paint show that it can improve the reflection of sunlight and heat from 60 to 75 percent. Coating your terrace with elastomeric paint keeps your roof cool and reduce the energy consumption to cool your home.

Solar Photovoltaic Roofing Panels

Adding an ultra-thin solar photovoltaic panel can also help you to cool your roof. These panels cover the surface of your roof and prevent the falling of sunlight on the same. They reduce the surface of the terrace that receives the sun, thereby reducing the heating of the roof. Moreover, they produce electricity to power your house and offer a backup when the power is gone. Before attempting this method, make sure that any necessary repairs are conducted by a local roofing company.

PVC sheathing

Homeowners can also apply PVC sheathing to their roof. These sheets have seams that keep the water away and protect the roof from wind damage due to its smooth texture. Water damage is one of the most common and potentially destructive problems you can face as a homeowner. If left unaddressed, it can lead to other issues like mold growth and structural damage. That’s why it’s important to call in dependable water damage restorers as soon as possible after any type of water incident. The manufacturers of PVC sheathing can also help homeowners upgrade their roofs. You can call a professional installer to install the PVC sheathing on your roof as they are skilled and trained for the same. 

A high-quality PVC sheathing can last up to 15 years in all weather conditions, after which you need to replace the same. Homeowners can also use the PVS sheathing to cover storage shed, flat deck over garage, or other areas of a house.


Installing windcatchers on the roof is a great option for cooling a building used for centuries. People in eastern countries have been using wind catchers on their homes to redirect the cool air into the house to cool down their interiors.  A windcatcher is an onion-shaped dome with vertical vanes that helps to catch and turn in the winds flowing over a building.  

Homeowners can install windcatchers on their terrace to turn in the cool air in the morning and evening to cool down their house. Moreover, they can turn off the windcatchers in the daytime when the sun is at its peak.  

Foam Insulation


Installing a layer of spray foam insulation directly under the roof is an excellent way to cool your ceiling. You can also consider using Low GWP Spray Foam if you prefer something that provides the same quality of insulation without the added harmful emissions. The roof will be heated due to the direct sun, but the heat will be blocked by the layer of foam and keep your interior cool. However, if you protect the terrace by using plants, elastomeric paint, or PVC sheathing, it will be an added advantage to keep your rooms even cooler in summer.

Final Words

These are some DIY tricks to cool down any roof in the summer season. Most of these tricks are easy, and you can do it yourself. But for some methods like Photovoltaic roofing panels, windcatchers, and PVC sheathing, you need trained professionals for installation. Getting the job done by professionals also offer you a warranty for work.  If your roof is outdated and needs repairs, it is essential to repair it before using any of these methods. The roof restoration services can help you with your roofing repairs. After getting your roof repaired, you can use any of these methods to keep it cool and enjoy your summer in your home.

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