Major Differences Between Mata Ka Jagran and Mata Ki Chowki


Different people on this earth have different methods of praying to God. While some of them pray utterly silently, others like to be loud enough when praying. 

Some of them can pray without even visiting a religious place or having a religious scripture etc. while others need some kind of religious element or place.

As aforementioned, different people have distinct beliefs, but they all agree to the existence of God in their own unique form.

Activities such as Mata ka Jagran and Mata ki Chowki too are some of these religious activities which have their own importance. Most often, these are the activities that are observed to pray to Goddess Durga who is the mother of this entire earth.

Also, the Navratras are the specific period of the year when all such events are at a boom. The Hindu calendar has 9 days of Navratras twice a year and people like to hold the festivities at this point in time. However, there’s no kind of rule and you can have them at any time in the year.

But do you know the major differences which exist between both these activities?

Here we have brought for you some of the major differences that exist between Mata ka Jagran and Mata ki Chowki:

  • Size of the occasion:

According to the size of the occasion, Mata ki Chowki usually has a smaller group taking part in the occasion. Against this, Mata ka Jagran generally has a larger group being a part of the event.

Since Mata ki Chowki involves a smaller group that may include only the ladies, the activity tends to be more affordable than Mata ka Jagran.

  • Time Period of the occasion:

Mata ki Chowki is usually a small event according to the time period and usually lasts from 2 to 4 hours. However, Mata ka Jagran takes place an entire night and the time of the event usually starts at 11PM in the night and continues up to 5AM in the morning without a break

Responsibility of the event:

Since Mata ki Chowki is a small event and a shorter one too, it can be done by a group of people or family members too.

However, Jagran is a longer event that needs the assistance of an expert Jagran party who takes care of all the activities for the entire night.
These are some of the differences between Mata ka Jagran and Mata ki Chowki. If you wish to have any of them, you can contact an expert Jagran party in Lucknow and get the best services.

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