All Soccer Clubs Home and Away Kits for 2019-20


As evident, the soccer jerseys of all the soccer teams and clubs keep on changing. There’s no surprise when we see them in a brighter shade or something that looks better. It’s especially very intriguing for the fans as to what their favourite player will be wearing the next season. To bet on that player, sites like Ladbrokes Opening Times are up and runinng.

Every new season, the club launches a new kit that is adequately differentiated from the previous and looks more premium. Now, adjusting to the new look is not an easy task for the audience as the picture of a player in a jersey never gets out of their mind. However, it’s always suitable for the evolution of soccer as an entertainment industry. Many people who bet on sports become more engrossed and involved when they routinely place bets on trusted paginas de apuestas

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Fans need to keep their hopes high with every new design and be aware of what to expect in a nail-biting match. Let’s go through the latest Home and away kits of your favourite clubs. 

Manchester United

Manchester United has been a partner of Adidas, and there’s nothing new in the 2019-20 kit. The Manchester United soccer jersey has received a whole lot of changes than one might expect. The badge has changed, as compared to the previous Kit, the three stripes on the shoulder and the bottom of the torso have been changed from black to dark red. The Adidas logo is now black, which previously was white. 

The most surprising change is in the badge design and colour that contains a shield with a black and gold colourway. The away kit is now inspired by mosaic patterns. The change is mainly in colour with bold black trimmings on the collar, stripes, and sleeves. 


The new Kit for 2019-20 for Liverpool is now manufactured by New balance and has been inspired by Bob paisley. As considered by many, the home kit of Liverpool is bold and straight away conveys the message of professionalism. The goalkeeper kit has also been changed to a black and gold colourway. 

The away Kit of Liverpool contains red and navy blue on the badge, manufacturer and the sponsor. The colourway and design are inspired by street signs around Anfield. If you want to watch your favorite players in person, you can find the best Liverpool vs Chelsea FA Cup Final Tickets at the Football Ticket Pad.


Juventus has already made changes to its badge, and now the fans are looking forward to a whole new turn in the Kit. Cristiano Ronaldo won’t be wearing the old vertical stripes. The design has now been inverted with a white and black shirt with blocks for each colour. These blocks are separated by thin red stripes. The three stars that rest above the badge are now golden. 

The away kit of Juventus can be considered as disruptive in a new way. The colours are off-white and red and have an off-white camouflage style. There is a V-neck collar with red trimmings sleeves and a logo. 


Chelsea FC soccer kit of 2019-20 reminds people of the 1990s home kits that had two-tone templates and a traditional shade. It was revealed in May with a reverted blue colour, and Jersey no longer has those white and red streaks from the previous version. The manufacturer of the soccer kit is Nike. 

The away kit was a bit delayed, and it was no surprise considering a much intricate design. The Chelsea away Kit is inspired by the mod culture that again reflects the traditionalist design from the 1960s. 

As a soccer fan, you need to know what the latest soccer kits of your favourite teams have to offer. It helps you boost your confidence and love for the game. In fact, if you visit any pub with a large screen, almost half the people there wear their teams’ jerseys for whole-hearted support.

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