Top 7 tourist attractions in Bridgetown?


Barbados’ busy capital, Bridgetown. It is a historical landmark on the island of Barbados. It’s well worth your time to go on a tour. Carlisle Bay’s gorgeous beaches are right on the city’s borders. These are some of the city’s most intriguing sights. This may even be a place where you decide to settle down. The traditional Amerindian bridge inspired the name Bridgetown. It runs alongside the Independence River’s mouth. It is primarily used for small pleasure crafts. So after booking your United Airlines tickets if you are confused about what to see there. We are here to help you with this list of attractions.

The Barbados Parliament

The Barbados Parliament was housed with coral limestone structures. It has been standing here since 1874. The Commonwealth’s third oldest city. Beautiful stained-glass windows representing British rulers adorn the walls. The Senate and House of Assembly are located in the east wing. In contrast, government offices, the National Gallery, and the Parliament Museum are located in the west wing, including the clock tower. From settlement until independence, you may study Barbados’ democratic background here. 

National Heroes Square

National Heroes Square honours the Barbadians. He died in the 2nd World War. The second monument is in the city centre. It was constructed in 1813. 

The Barbados Museum

The Barbados Museum is an excellent spot to visit if you’re interested in learning more about the island’s history. There are also exhibits on Amerindian and African culture. European ornamental arts are on display in the museum. The ecology of the island is highlighted in the natural history section. It displays Barbados’ flora and animals and a research library, gift store, and café. This informative dose is another reason to book united airlines Flight ticket.

Bishop William Harte Coleridge

After a hurricane destroyed the old wooden structure in 1665, St. Michael’s Cathedral was built of coral stone in 1789. With the advent of Bishop William Harte Coleridge in 1825, the church was raised to cathedral rank. There are beautiful stained-glass windows adorning the walls. There is also a tower and several arched windows in the cathedral. The baptismal font dates from the 1600s. It has a ceiling over the altar. It resembles an inverted boat prow. These are highlights of the interior.

Nidhe Israel Synagogue

Nidhe Israel Synagogue is one of the Western Hemisphere’s oldest synagogues. The current tower was built in 1833 after a hurricane destroyed the former structure. Marble decorations and mahogany furnishings are notable characteristics of the synagogue. You may learn about Barbados’ intriguing Jewish history and the important role Jews played in the island’s profitable sugar economy.

St. Michael’s Cathedral

This beautiful church has been standing here since 1789. People made it with coral stone. With the advent of Bishop William Harte Coleridge in 1825, the church was raised to cathedral rank. Beautiful stained-glass windows adorn the walls. There is also a tower and several arched windows in the cathedral. People book their united flight ticket to visit this church from all over the globe.

The Barbados Garrison

During the 18th and 19th centuries, the Barbados Garrison was the biggest in the British colonies. The Imperial Forces’ military headquarters was established in 1780. The garrison has officially been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tours of the 10 miles of tunnels that run beneath the fortress may be arranged when visiting George Washington House.

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