5 Reasons Why Parents Need Spy app for Android


Parenting over the years has become so much demanded. I am not talking about traditional parenting, but to perform digital parenting on kids and teens digital devices running with Android operating system in particular. Today, single or couple parents are looking forward to spying on kid’s Android smartphones and gadgets. 

There are plenty of reasons that parents are lurking to monitor android devices. One of the reasons to track android due to its huge popularity among the users and youngsters are second to none using the contemporary mobile phone and gadgets. 

On the other side, kids and teens perform plenty of dangerous activities on a regular basis on the Android digital devices. Let’s discuss the top 5 reasons why parents need spy software for Android and they want to snoop on their child first cell phone of android. 

5 big reasons parents want cell phone spy software for Android 

Over the years cell phone technology has been revolutionized in terms of internet access on the devices and kids these days are using social media apps all day long, obsessed with texting, sharing media files and get access to inappropriate content. Let’s discuss five major reasons parents need a spy app for Android

Kid’s & cyber predators 

Young kids and teens these days are using chat rooms, dating apps, social media apps, and plenty of other online platforms. On the other hand, all these sorts of online social platforms can put your child in deep trouble. All vulnerabilities come from the people that are always searching for the kids and tweens online. Cyber bullying is one of the dangerous acts that could happen with your child at any time being a child present in the virtual world. They get humiliated, abused and disturbed through cyber bullies who just make fun of your child and the symptoms may last longer on the child’s mind. In addition, stalkers can trap a teen in their fake love affection for the sake of sexual activities to meet them in real –life once had a conversation online. 

Teens harbor sexual fantasies on android 

Teens these days are directly or indirectly harboring sexual fantasies on their smartphones. They may get involved in sharing such type of inappropriate activities that can embarrass or they get blackmailed. Teens used to share their semi-naked videos, on video streaming apps to get appreciation and also get involved in so-called relationships online. Furthermore, teens also used to of accessing x –rated content on their cell phones that can sexually groom them before they become adult and get involved in dangerous sexual fancies using cell phones. 

Kids adopt dangerous social media trends 

Social media trends among teens these days are making headlines and over the years young teens got injured, killed, bullied, and commit suicide due to the social media trends. There are plenty of dangerous social media trends that are quite popular such as burn and scar challenge, blue whale challenge, Keke challenge and last but not the least MoMo challenge. Parents need to aware of from all these dangerous social media trends that are famous on social media. 

Heath issues 

Obviously, android cell phone addiction in terms of social media, text messaging, cell phone calls, access to inappropriate content and plenty of other activities that become the factor of rising screen time. So, kids and teens these days plenty of health issues likewise eye infection, sleeping disorders, depression, stress, anxiety, digital dementia and plenty of others alike. 

Kids are living in a hypersexualized world

Today, the young generation is living in a hypersexualized world where kids and teens can have pocket porn using the android cell phone. Parents should aware of the fact that children have access to the cyberspace on smartphones and gadgets and they can get access to x –rated content directly or indirectly in terms of links, pop-ups that groom child sex even before they become adult. So, young kids and teens become, sexually hyperactive and get involved in the activities that can harm them in real –life changes their behavior and intellect. 


All these aspects mentioned clearly say parents should need to have these top 5 android spy apps in order to make sure their online safety.

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