What is Holistic Therapy and Why is it so Popular?


As per Sanderstead Osteopaths, holistic therapy is becoming increasingly popular as society starts to explore different ways of improving and managing health-related conditions. Whether you are a stressed corporate employee trying to avoid burnout or a newly diagnosed oncology patient, holistic therapy involves treatment for everyone. This branch of alternative health aims to offer treatments that offer a common goal of treating the individual on the whole. Alternatively, more traditional approaches may work by dealing with health issues as they arise on a singular level. Many physical and mental health conditions are treated with various holistic therapies. For example, yoga treats anxiety and depression. Many wellness centers now offer holistic treatments, as well as individuals undergoing training to become professionals in this area. This article will dive deeper into why holistic therapy is so popular. 

  1. Choice 

Holistic therapy offers a large degree of choice. Therapies that seek to treat physical, mental, social, and spiritual health are continuing to expand. When exploring holistic approaches to healing, you might wonder what hand-polished crystal stones are good for healing. Acupuncture, aromatherapy, breathwork, osteopathy, reflexology, sound healing, crystal healing, massage, meditation, and yoga are just a few examples of choice. Holistic therapy can be a popular option to address chronic disease when other more traditional approaches fail to meet the needs of an individual.

  1.  It saves on medical expenses 

When you work on improving your health from an early stage, you’re saving financially in the long run by preventing chronic diseases. For example, high cholesterol, hypertension and diabetes may be prevented by engaging in healthy lifestyle changes. Switching to more plant-based foods, prioritizing movement and getting enough sleep can all have lasting benefits. Active stress management to lower inflammation and stress hormones in the body can be a helpful habit in the long term. 

3. It concentrates on preventing disease

Holistic therapy is increasingly popular as it focuses on preventing an illness instead of treating it after it emerges. 

4. It has fewer side effects

Natural remedies within holistic therapies can of course produce side effects in some people, however, they are generally not as harsh as the side effects from taking modern medications and drug treatments. 

Alternatively, engaging with holistic therapies while using traditional medicine such as chemotherapy drugs may help to combat side effects like nausea, anxiety, and insomnia. For instance, acupuncture may relieve sickness caused by these drugs and alleviate sore mouth. 

5. It provides autonomy 

Holistic therapies generally encourage individuals to become closer to themselves. In turn, gaining increased autonomy and independence over presenting issues such as chronic conditions. As complementary therapies aim to get to the root or core problem, they encourage you to go on a journey of the self. You can dig deeper to discover what may be causing the presenting problem. Using holistic therapies can often provide relief and solutions for individuals who have been trying many other options for years unsuccessfully. 

For example, while exploring different types of therapies; you may realize that coping with anxiety is easier to do when practicing breathwork. Using your five senses to explore how your mind and body respond to different therapies can be helpful in building a closer relationship with yourself. 

  1. Portable and safe 

Holistic therapy is gaining popularity due to it being easy to use and transport. While more traditional medical treatment may require you to carry equipment and education with you, many complementary therapies can be practiced safely on your own and without physical tools. For example, breathwork as a complementary therapy can be accessed in your own time and space – while driving, at home, moving or traveling around. 

7. Cope with stress and promote relaxation 

Many holistic therapies focus on reducing stress in the body and mind. Furthermore, they concentrate on aiming to produce a feeling of relaxation and stability that can last for a sustained length of time. Oncology patients or individuals living with debilitating chronic illnesses may find holistic therapy extremely beneficial for promoting relaxation.  (National Cancer Institute, 2022). 

Overall, holistic therapy continues to increase in popularity by treating individuals as a whole beings and in turn, empowering them to cope with a variety of presenting life situations. Finding a holistic therapist is often best achieved by finding reliable sources on accredited web pages or through your healthcare provider.


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