7 Fun Things to Do in Castries?


Have you been to the city of Castries? Visit this city which makes a subsequent voyage to tons of picturesque islands. The beautiful city is the capital of St. Lucian life. Castries also cruise ship ports and offer a vibrant slice. 

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Know more about the city and its amazing spots from this article:  

The Pitons

The Pitons is a part of the twin towering peaks and this site has been added to the UNESCO World Heritage. This site is listed as Pitons Management Area tucked in the center of the city. Visit this area that provides topographic features soaring out of the sea to great heights.

Marigot Bay

Marigot Bay is a beautiful site that features lush hillsides plunge and yachts bob on the bay’s blue waters and offers a vista idea located on the road between the bay and the main Caribbean coastal route. This destination is the most beautiful bay tucked on St. Lucia. This area welcomes all the tourists at harbors which are quite deep, and are sheltered by the British fleet.

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Anse Chastanet Marine National Park

Anse Chastanet Marine National park is a wonderful place to watch out for colored sponges, stunning soft corals, beautiful boulder coral, and several brain corals. This site offers snorkeling and diving in the coral reef along with a treasure trove of sea life. Visit the plateau which is two to eight meters long to watch out for the frogfish that are housed in a large nearby cavern. 

Tet Paul Nature Trail

Tet Paul Nature Trail is a perfect place that offers tons of spectacular views in southern St. Lucia. The trails are located near Soufrière and house the island’s dramatic topography and offer hiking in St. Lucia.

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Soufrière is a vibrant place that was founded in about 1745. This famous site is related to the towering Pitons guard lying over the colorful fishing village, and if you’re interested in also going fishing in one of these villages you should check out the Skate The Fly Fishing Gear Reviews to find the best equipment for this. Check out here the top-notch fishing equipment like this Trusty Fisherman best fishing gear for each fish species and purpose, ensuring your fishing journey is both effortless and enjoyable. Visit this area that cloaks around a beautiful bay which is about an hour’s drive near the south of the capital, Castries. You will find this area a stunning one to make a great base for spending your days.

Morne Coubaril Historical Adventure Park

Morne Coubaril Historical Adventure Park is a perfect place for stopping on the tourist circuit overlooking Soufriere Bay. This site is an 18th-century land blend of a mix of history, its rich adventure, and varied culture. Watch out for the famous cocoa, amazing manioc, and coconuts grown here. Go for a small tour around this working plantation and explore the tropical gardens, which are a replica of a traditional village. 

Visit the city that has a lot of various attractions that are worth watching. So, guys drop into this city with Caribbean Flight tickets and relish your vacations throughout your life.

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