Following your favorite fashion YouTuber lets you save money over stylish Outfits


If you are not satisfied with a wardrobe full of ZARA basics, get ready because here we talk about fashion do it yourself. To customize clothes, above all you will need a lot of imagination. Whether you want to do easier or more advanced things will be up to you. Do you want to customize some old jeans? Do you dare to design a patchwork bag? To put sequins on shoes that you don’t wear? Come on, customize your clothes!

DIY fashion exists everywhere

If many famous fashion YouTubers and bloggers personalize their looks, why haven’t you dared with DIY clothes yet? DIY is a great opportunity to convert clothes that we do not wear in the last cry of the catwalks. Discover ideas, techniques, materials and trends to customize clothes. Jeans, DIY top, shoes, accessories, headdresses, jackets, bags, you will love it if you try it. For example, Dye your shirts, skirts, pants, sweaters, and heavy duty raincoat in another color. From dull beige to an elegant and chic black or, for the summer, to some nice bright nuances, everything will look like new!

Internet makes the work easy for you

When looking for outfit ideas for do-it-yourself fashion, you only have to look around on the Internet. On many videos, creative people show unusual, sometimes complicated, often easy-to-follow suggestions to spice up boring clothes or to create something new. We have found the most beautiful DIY fashion YouTube channel for you.

Newcomers to the YouTube world will think that DIYfashion videos are just places where people pose with their outfits, but those of us who have been in this for a long time, know that there is much more, that in many videos there is great passion. For the fashion, behind each video, a desire to make your concerns public and to share them with people of common interests exists. There are people who have made their channel their everything, and who have made their passion for fashion ideas their profession (or almost) for example, Deepali Choudhary and Divyanshi Tripathi, anchors of your favorite DIY fashion YouTube channel, LIT (Living In Trend). If you want to be dressed as them from head to toe, you must subscribe the YouTube channel LIT.

The best channel for DIY fashion The YouTube channel “LIT”, perhaps, is one of the best lifestyle YouTube channels, in which, you will find such amazing videos on food, fashion, beauty, fitness, health and many more. But the most interesting category of their channel is FML (Find My Look) where the two anchors of the show, Divyanshi and Deepali explain how to style fashionably with lowest cost possible. All they do is teaching you that knowledge of modern fashion neither is limited nor costly too much. They often shows that you don’t need to spend a your precious money on branded fashionable clothing but you can shop local for your daily outfit or reuse your old clothes by converting them according to the latest fashion with some DIY fashion tricks.

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