Fall in Love with These Amusing Heart-Shaped Cake Varieties

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Heart shape cakes are a true expression of love. Whether you want to wish a happy birthday or send a couple of your heartiest wish or wish to propose to someone, a heart-shaped cake always works. No matter what the occasion, you can always rely on a heart-shaped cake which is sure to steal the hearts of your family. Why not click here to find the recipe that you and your loved ones will surely enjoy! 

From heart-shaped birthday cakes to heart-shaped anniversary photo cakes, make your best selection of cakes. How? Well, Now, you don’t have to hop from one local bakery to another and compromise with a handful of options when you can have an amazing range of heart-shaped cakes online. Here is a list of heart shape cake varieties which you can opt for your coming occasion or celebration. Read on!

Red Velvet Heart Shaped Cake

Heart-shaped things have been a symbol of romance, undying and eternal love. With a touch of velvet, a heart-shaped cake becomes even more desirable. The attractive combination of velvety red color and creamy deliciousness of the cake is extremely captivating. So, the next time you want to convey your feelings to someone special go for a red velvet heart shaped cake.

Red N White Heart Shape Cake

Every love story is incomplete without celebration, and every celebration is incomplete without roses and cakes. So, here’s a classy option for you. The red n white classy combination of a heart-shaped cake. An ideal choice for a special celebration.

Chocolate Heart Shaped Cake

Who doesn’t love chocolates? Literally nobody. Make your beloveds feel special on their special occasion with a heart-shaped chocolate online cake delivery in Hyderabad, Pune or wherever they reside. A cake made in a heart shape with chocolate delicacy and delicious whipped cream topped with shining cherries is a perfect treat for any celebration.

Fruit Heart Shaped Cake

A succulent sweet and delicious fruit cake, which can work a spell on your and your loved one’s heart. Baked to perfection, a cake filled with fruit is an ultimate choice for any heart-shaped lover. It is the perfect expression of your feelings for someone special.


Delicious in taste and a happy choice for your Butterscotch lover friend. Be it a birthday, anniversaries and other parties with celebration. This cake made with lots of love incorporates the taste of butterscotch in the sponge. It brings the perfect flavor and savior to the cake.

Caramel Heart Shaped Cake

Chocolate brings joy to the lives of chocolate lovers. If you are also one, it is time to consider the Caramel Heart Shape Chocolate Cake. Being extra chocolate and creamy, this cake is perfect for completing sweet cravings and making your special day happy.

Vanilla Heart Shaped Cake

Enjoy the elegant beauty of love served with a mixture of tenderness and sweet blissful hugs. A classic delight for a loved one, this rich cream cake is absolutely ready to bring undeniable magic to your loved ones.

Strawberry Heart Shaped Cake

Make your loved ones feel special with heavenly strawberry syrup mixed with fresh cream that makes each bite more delicious than the previous one. An ideal choice to make any celebration filled with strawberry love.

So, these were some delicious delights for every heart-shaped lover. The next time you plan any party or occasion make sure to indulge one of these flavorful heart-shaped cakes. All you need to do is visit an online bakery and look for the desired flavour you wish to order in the form of a heart shape and your cake will be delivered right at your doorsteps. Coffee goes so well with cake so a mobile coffee cart Sydney will be amazing too. Make your and your loved ones’ occasion memorable and special. Happy eating!

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