5 Useful Tips for Backpacking for the First Time


1. Use Good Travel Gear While Backpacking

Travel gear… it is available in all shapes and sizes and especially in various price ranges. There is so much to get on the market that you can no longer see the wood for the trees. That is precisely why you will find our favourites in our webshop. Stuff that we have been travelling with for years and that have proven to be practical on the road. 

Of course you can never buy all your gear at once for a first time backpacking. Then your entire travel budget will probably go through it in one go. But it is good to take into account in your budget the purchase of basic travel equipment if you don’t already have it. When we once started travelling ourselves, we bought 1 or 2 new things for every trip after our backpack. And then of good quality. 

These have been around for years now. Because with your travel equipment it often applies that cheap is expensive, although it is sometimes no different of course. Especially if you’re going backpacking for the first time and you don’t know yet if it’s something for you. Although few people backpack after one trip,

2. Make Copies of Your Travel Documents

This way you don’t always have to carry your passport with you and you always need a copy in case of theft. You can also take a photo of your travel documents. We also thought that taking an unusable or fake bank card or credit card with you was a very handy backpack tip from one of our followers. If you are attacked, just hand it over. 

Thief satisfied and you have no problems. Therefore, always carry a small wallet with cash for the day with you. You carry the big money and important cards and documents in a money belt or keep them in a safe. Would you like to keep all your papers together while travelling?

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3. Invest in a Good Backpack

The volume you choose for your backpacking trip strongly depends on how long you go, whether you visit different climate zones and whether you take a lot or a little with you, but most backpackers have a backpack of 55 to 70 litres. Keep in mind that you also have to be able to wear it!

Of course you can borrow a backpack from someone when you go backpacking for the first time. After all, you don’t know if you go more often. Yet a well-fitting backpack provides so much comfort. And do you stick to one time? Then you just sell it again on Marktplaats, right? You do it for years. The perfect fit saves you a lot of back and shoulder complaints

4. Bring a Lock and Don’t Show Off With Expensive Stuff

Expensive jewellery… it is of no use to you when travelling. And don’t show off your expensive camera or phone. A good camera bag may come in handy, but everyone knows what’s in it. We received a tip from a reader that separate protection elements are also available that you can put in your ‘ordinary’ handbag to protect your camera in an unobtrusive way, but still well.

5. Use a VPN When Travelling

Chances are that you will use many different WiFi hotspots during your trip. And they are not always (properly) secured. To ensure that your data remains safe, it is useful to use a VPN service. A VPN ensures that you always have a secure connection, even if a WiFi network itself is unsecured. And that no one can ‘watch’ what you do on the internet. The use of a VPN also offers even more advantages

Listen to Your Gut and Use Common Sense

It’s a no brainer, but so true! Always listen to your gut and use common sense. If a situation feels unsafe, it often is. Then don’t walk through that quiet street, but look for the crowd again or take a taxi. Just go on the adventure, of course, but don’t do stupid things. You really know when something falls under the category of adventure or just plain stupid. 

Been out and about? Make sure you go back to your hostel with other backpackers or take a safe taxi home. Do you want to book a tour? Then check the reviews and rather pay a little more for an organisation that has good equipment than the cheapest (and often unsafe) material. And here too, trust your gut.

Finally: Just Go!

Anyone who has travelled will tell you: just go! Click over here now and plan a trip to Panama City. Travel enriches your life. The memories, encounters and adventures, it does something to you. And if you get the chance, travel alone once . Nothing makes you stronger than learning to trust yourself. It is normal that you find it all a bit exciting the first time, but with these tips we hope to convince you. And when you’ve been there you tell all your friends: “Just go!!”

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