Are Citronella Candles Effective To Repel Insects?



After a hard winter, summer days might feel like pure bliss. However, hot, bright days also bring with them mosquitoes. Of course, a lot of individuals try to ward off mosquitoes as successfully as they can. And they frequently use citronella candles as well as look for pest control services to get the best solution to get rid off the mosquitoes . But is citronella effective or is it just marketing hype? Whenever you’ll need a reliable pest control professional, then you can visit a good place like Insight Pest Solutions – Salem for help! We will further see this in this article.

Do Citronella Candles Work?

Citronella is an insect-repelling oil that is found naturally. According to the National Pesticide Information Center, it is distilled from two different kinds of grass. 

Although the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has currently recognized it as safe for people and the environment, it does not imply that it is efficient. Additionally, it is excluded from the EPA study since it is a minimum-risk pesticide in terms of its impact on human health.

The NPIC claims that the oil is designed to function by disguising odors that attract insects. The center points out that it hasn’t located any research to show that this genuinely works. 

According to a 2011 article in the Malaria Journal, people have been using plants to ward off mosquitoes since the time of the Greeks and Romans, and citronella candles are currently one of the most popular natural repellents available.

According to the report, citronella-based solutions only work as a mosquito deterrent for two hours or so since the oils quickly dissipate. The authors note that field studies show using candles only reduces mosquito bites by about half and come to the conclusion that for the time being, travelers to disease-endemic areas should not be recommended citronella-based repellents. 

It also claims that products like candles help by continuously evaporating the oil, but they note that this only reduces mosquito bites by about half. Although citronella oil can deter mosquitoes to some extent, citronella candles output won’t have much of an impact. 

A citronella candle will typically have a citronella content of 5% or less. Citronella products are not on the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s list of suggested insect repellents.

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Citronella Candles alternatives

Citronella is not nearly as effective as products that contain the oil of lemon eucalyptus, which is extracted from the gum eucalyptus tree. 

Although 30% oil of lemon eucalyptus is typically adequate to repel mosquitoes for a few hours at a time, users of botanical repellents should be aware that they are less effective and will need to reapply frequently. It is also suggested by the CDC on their list of insect repellents.

Here are seven alternatives to the conventional citronella candles or torch that you may use to ward off mosquitoes:

  1. Repel Lemon Eucalyptus Natural Insect Repellent Pump
  2. Cutter Lemon Eucalyptus Insect Repellent
  3. Para’kito Natural Mosquito Repellent Roll-on-Gel
  4. Para’kito Mosquito Repellent Wristband
  5. Sky Organics Organic Bug Spray
  6. All Terrain Herbal Armor DEET-Free Natural Insect Repellent Spray
  7. Bounce Dryer Sheets


Although citronella candles are excellent for enhancing moods, they are less effective than marketed in keeping mosquitoes away. 

This is one finding of a recent study that examined the effects of 11 different insect repellents on Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, which transmit illnesses including dengue, yellow fever, and Zika.

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