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Blushes which are also commonly known as blushers or blush on, are another makeup essential. No matter what color of blush you apply, you just cannot skip the step. However, they can be built to the extent to which a person wants in accordance with the event. If it is a party and you want to get all glammed up, you can definitely go with a dark blush however, not too much but try staying more on the natural side because too much intense blush on can make you look too fake.
On the other hand, if you want to include blush on in a daily makeup routine, then you just have to add a flush of color and stay on the natural side as much as possible.

The selection of a perfect blush means you searching for a blush which has, a beautiful pigmentation and also stays on for long. If a blush satisfied both of these conditions according to you, then know it is a perfect one.
Also don’t go with a chunky blush which starts accumulating one on point.

Almay has been victoriously coming up with high quality blushes in affordable range. There is a wide variety of blushes which they have been manufacturing and some of the best of Almay’s blushes are given below.


Given below are a few of Almay’s best blushes and the features which make the worth all the appreciation and compliments that they get.

Also, these blushes might look intense and dark being in the container, however, you can know in one swatch that the color can be built and they are not as dark.

1- Almay Powder Blush Spice 120:

This blush is not like the ordinary blush. It provides your cheeks with nourishment so they the content does not look flaky on the face. This shade is perfect for winters as it is a warm brown shade but is also good for summers. This natural shade is known to provide a very smooth look and it blends super nicely. The product contains rose hips and Gingko Biloba, both of which blend together and work to provide the necessary nurture to your skin.

Moreover, this blush on is not pore clogging and yes, its consistency is amazing as it lasts on the face for the whole day.

So if the gorgeous color and perfect formula had a face, it would for sure be this blush.

2- Almay Powder Blush Pink # 140:

Well, this rosey pink beautiful shade is a perfect blush for a natural day look and a party glam look as well. This warm pink shade is literally everything and because of its warmness, you might think it is suitable only for winters however, you can build the shade and at just one swipe of brush, you can achieve a very natural flawless look.

The blush is hypoallergenic. It can last on your face for the whole day and still look fresh. It has a cute little compact packaging but you get a good amount of product. And yes, it comes with a brush.

3- Almay Pure Blends Pressed Powder Blush Orchid 200:

A blush from the Pure Blends range which means it is super bendable just like the eye shadows which belonged to this range were.

Just like the eye shadows, this blush is made out of up to 98 percent pure and natural ingredients so, no chance of it causing any kind of rash or allergy. Well, very rare blushes act as antioxidants and this blush is definitely one of those as it contains orchid and lotus.

This blush helps add hints and flushes of color to your cheeks which do not look artificial, intense or anywhere near bad. It helps add the kind of shade which is all natural and enhances the beauty of your face so it does not look ghostly white or too flat.

4- Almay Pure Blends Pressed Powder Blush Bouquet 100:

This shade falls more on the ‘’Pink shade’’ however, it is a reasonable pink shade rather than a very dark pink which will look bad. This shade is perfect for a ‘’no makeup look’’. It belongs to the three famous blushes from the pure blends range which have been appreciated for being super bendable and because they have been moisturizing for the skin.

This blush on is an all-day wear one, so it stays on the face for the whole day.

5- Almay Pure Blends Pressed Powder blush Sun kissed 300:

As the name might provide you with a rough idea, this blush is all about a warm, tan shade which provides warmth to your cheeks but yes, staying on the natural side as much as it possibly can. Get this amazing powder blush from, here.

Again, one from the pure blends range so made with all natural ingredients which tend to detoxify the skin. The blush has been tested and approved by a dermatologist. This range is known to be ‘’one of the best’’ in the market.

If you’re looking for something to provide color to your all colorless cheeks yet want to look like you’ve been naturally sun kissed, then definitely reach out for this product.

6- Almay Pure Blends Pressed Powder Blush Honey 400:

The blush in Sun kissed 300 was more of a brown shade, while this one as the name suggests, falls more on the ‘’honey brown’’ range. This is a gorgeous shade.

Get hints and looks of the most perfect, natural and flawless color with the use of this blush. Achieve the look which will make you look perfect during a chilly winters evening, and also on the beach in the hot breeze of summer.

This blush satisfies all the conditions of being a perfect one and yes, it is the third one in the most famous 3 blushes from the Pure Blends range. It has a great formulation, blends beautifully, stays put on the skin for a long period of time, provides you with a very moisturized and hydrated look and keeps up with the natural rule as well. So everything that you would want your blush to have, will be present in this one.

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