Exploring Aligners’ Function, Benefits and Their Cost

Clear aligners

Aligners are modern tools that help straighten your crooked in a better way. They are often known as invisible or clear aligners. They are more comfortable and easier to use than other solutions. These aligners are more popular with dentists and patients today because they offer many benefits.   

This blog will help you understand the benefits of aligners and their functions and provide you with the factors that influence how much aligners cost.   

How Do Aligners Function?   

Aligners can easily remove the gaps between your teeth and correct crooked teeth. Aligners are plastic trays that one needs to wear on one’s teeth for a given period. Aligner treatment does not require any metal wires or brackets like traditional braces. They are custom-made and easy to wear and remove. Since they are transparent, they appear to be invisible when you wear them on your teeth. They do not affect your confidence and smile in any way. 

What Is the Process to Get Aligners? 

  • Your dentist will examine your teeth and take your oral scans using a 3D virtual setup. 
  • They will create a treatment plan for you based on the details of your case, such as the treatment time, the total number of aligners needed, and other guidelines.   
  • They will send your scans to the dental lab where your aligners are made.  
  • Your dentist will provide you with aligners once they receive them from the dental lab.  
  • You must wear the aligners for at least 22 hours per day or as your dentist prescribes. The aligners exert gentle pressure on your teeth to move them to the correct position.  
  • As your aligner treatment progresses, you must move on to the next set of aligners, as your dentist told you.  
  • You can observe visible changes in your teeth’s position as you move the aligners. You’ll have properly aligned teeth and the desired outcome as per your treatment plan.    

Aligners straighten your teeth to improve your smile’s appearance and shift them into the proper positions.   

What Types of Cases Can Aligners Treat?  

Clear aligners can treat a number of cases like:  

  • Crowded teeth  
  • Crossbite  
  • Underbite  
  • Overbite   
  • Crooked teeth  

These aligners can handle mild to moderate cases of misalignments. As part of orthodontic treatment, teeth straightening can help resolve these issues and preserve oral health.   

Benefits of Aligners:  

Clear aligners offer several benefits to those seeking a comfortable and discreet way of treatment over traditional methods.   

Comfortable: Aligners are faster than traditional braces since they don’t use metal wires and brackets and are custom-made to fit over your teeth precisely.    

Invisible: Aligners are transparent and cannot be detected even when you wear them. It allows you to talk and smile freely even if you are wearing them.   

Custom made: The dental lab receives digital impressions or 3D scans of your mouth from your dentist. The lab uses your dental to create aligners for you. This feature allows your aligners to fit over your teeth perfectly.   

Look: Since aligners are almost undetectable, they help you straighten your teeth without drawing attention.   

Safety: Aligners use biocompatible material that is safe to use. They have a smooth surface and do not cause mouth irritation or injuries, like metal wires.   

Faster Treatment: They provide a faster treatment than metal braces. You need to wear one set of aligners at a time and change it as per your treatment plan. You can see visible change as your treatment progresses.  

Predictable: Aligners give digital treatment so you can know the course of treatment and the expected result well in advance. With the use of aligners, patients can clearly understand their treatment plan and how their smile will evolve over time.   

No Diet Restrictions: These aligners do not restrict your eating habits. You can eat anything you choose, which can be removed before eating.   

Improved Oral Health: You can remove the aligners and maintain oral health. You can brush and floss your teeth easily during your treatment.   

All the above features make aligners unique and a better option over traditional braces.   

Factors That Influence Aligners Cost:  

Aligners offer more benefits than traditional methods. They are slightly more costly than metal braces but provide advantages over traditional methods. They are made with cutting-edge technology and can adjust to your lifestyle.   

  1. Complexity of Your Case: The cost of aligners differs from person to person. Some cases need mild adjustments, while some others need more. Aligner cost varies depending on the nature of the case.   
  1. Number of Aligners: Severe cases need more aligners, and less complex cases need fewer aligner sets. Aligner cost varies depending on the level of complexity of your case.  
  1. Dentist’s Experience: A specialist or an orthodontist may charge you more for their knowledge and experience. It is better to consult an expert for an assured outcome.    
  1. Extra Costs: Your dentist will examine your oral health before you start your aligner treatment. Your aligner cost will increase if you need a root canal, tooth replacement, or gum disease treatment.   
  1. Location of Dental Clinic: The cost may vary depending on the area of the dental clinic. The cost would be higher if the clinic is in a prestigious city and vice versa.   
  1. Brand: You will have to pay more for a branded company since they provide superior quality and service. It is better to choose branded aligners as they can provide you with guaranteed results.   

All these factors can impact the cost of teeth aligners. Aligner treatment costs may vary from case to case. Additional treatments like gum disease or root canal treatments can affect the cost of your treatment. Even though they are more expensive, aligners can save you money on extra costs like breakage and oral issues. They blend in nicely with your routine and are versatile. You can ask your dentist for EMI options for a comfortable treatment plan. It will assist you in availing an advanced treatment and using modern aligners to straighten your teeth.   


Teeth aligner treatment is a better way to improve your smile and looks. They provide you with more comfortable teeth straightening than other options. They offer you a discreet way to correct your teeth without disturbing your routine. Consult your dentist to find a suitable option and learn about clear aligners.   

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