5 Superb Last Minute Surprises for Beastie’s Birthday


Friends are the most happening part of your life. We all have different kinds of friends. Some are serious, some are crazy bones. Some love to get fun of every situation, some are book-worms. But among all them, there is one who is our soul mate. One is there whom we trust with anything and everything. She/he is someone you know will always be there. That person is a God-gift. That person is your ‘Beastie’. You would do anything and everything for him/her. And when it is his/her birthday, it has to be the grandest gift from you among all.

Here are superb 5 last minutes surprises for best pal’s birthday.

  •  Order a cake online and get it delivered midnight

It’s your best pal’s birthday. So you have to be the first person to wish him/her. You plan for a night out on his/her birthday night. Before you reach his/her house, order the birthday cake from you online. You know his/her favorite shape and flavor. So, it won’t be an issue. But do not forget to give the delivery timing just at 12 and the address of his/her house. Just when it strikes 12 at the midnight, he/she will get the first birthday gift at his/her door. And he/she won’t have a doubt that it is from you only.

  • Create memory booth

Being friends for years make you both the heartbeat of each other. You two have faced all the ups and downs together. You had tough times but you have gone through together. Then again it is the better times that you two had blasts in. The pictures, the drawing classes you spent together is all there. On her birthday, choose to make an explosion box. Put inside the photos and the mementos you have of both of you. The drawings, the first poems-put everything and send this as her birthday gift. You can also make a scrap book including all those for her/his birthday.

  • Door Birthday Balloon Surprises

You know your favorite friend loves balloons. It has been years and months that you have spent time with each other playing with balloons. From popping it mid-air to balloon race, it was her favorites you remember. How about bringing back that same innocent smile on his/her face on this birthday again? On this birthday, send a surprise balloon delivery at his/her door on the special day. The color and the shape is all you know. Make sure you are there to witness his/her unspeakable joy. Or else, you can make a video call and witness that. Birthday balloons are available in balloon bouquet delivery sites.

  • Flowers go with everything

There is nothing more beautiful and expressive in the world than flowers. Everyone has their own choice of flowers they prefer to have. You know which one is the favorite of your best friend. None knows but you that he/she hates gifts. So, flower is the perfect thing to send as birthday gift. A handmade card with a poem will get him/her. Along with your gift, send the bouquet of his/her favorite flowers. He/she will appreciate your personalized gift than other gifts on this occasion.

  • An Adventure Together

The most exciting thing to do on your beastie’s birthday is to go on an adventurous place. A hiking or a trail-walking can be a very good idea if she/he loves it. Exploring new places with closest people is a heavenly feeling on earth. This will be a birthday gift he/she will have idea of. But it’s your duty to surprise her/him on the birthday. So, once she/he is home, send birthday gifts online at her/his address. This will be the ultimate gift that will make him/her feel your love for them.

No matter how far you are from your best friend, relations and warmth between both of you never reduces. Birthdays are the best ways of celebrating together. And the above last minute surprises will give him/her more happiness than a planned party could ever. It is your duty of friendship to make him/her feel best on his/her special day.

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