Is FSM Software Useful for Your Company?


Field Service Industries have seen a drastic change in their work functionality over the past few years. Over 50% industries now depend upon advanced software. Most service-oriented companies have started using Field Service Management Software. If your organization is yet to adopt it, then KloudGin provides a variety of FSM Software for different types of organizations. They provide Cloud-based Field Service Management Software which handles all kinds of field related tasks easily. If you are confused whether the Field Service Management Software is useful for your company, the following report will clear all your doubts.

What is Field Service Management Software?

FSM Software is designed to assist organizations to handle field-related tasks for the consumers. Field Service Industries work to send technicians, plumbers, electricians, etc. to the consumers who are looking for their services.
Field Service Management Software can handle many organizational tasks automatically. Here we have listed down the benefits of FSM Software for an organization.

An FSM Software help your organization in various tasks such as

  • Scheduling jobs to the technicians and other field workers
  • Invoicing
  • Service Histories of the customers
  • Personal Information of the customers
  • Work time management
  • Assignment submission
  • Assets Management
  • Job Costing
  • Service tracking

All of these field-related tasks handled by a reliable Field Service Management Software. These are most common tasks handle by a Field Service Management Software. However, with innovations in technology, we have a set of more advanced features from new generation FSM Software providers. If we talk about the innovative features

  • Customer Equipment Tracking
  • Real-time Request handling
  • Built-in GPS Optimization
  • Customer Portal with Auto Bots
  • Assigning Tasks to the Technicians
  • Management of Warranties
  • Service Reminders
  • Predictive Management

All these benefits will come along with a Field Service Management Software. With all these features, your organization will see instant growth and increased productivity with this software. Let’s see how this Field Service Management Software helps your organization.

Benefits of Field Service Management Software

Field Service Industries have three departments to handle- Managers, Technicians or Field-Workers and Customers. All these people are internally connected with each other to finish the tasks and receive satisfactory services.

FSM Software for Managers

Service-Oriented companies have different departments with many managers such as dispatch manager, production manager, etc. Managers’ tasks such as scheduling, invoicing and costing will become more comfortable as the Field Service Management Software handles all these tasks automatically.

Apart from this, technicians and workers don’t have to wait for the tasks to get assigned by the managers, as the FSM Software assign the right tasks to the experienced technicians. They can also submit their assignments online. The tasks will be scheduled automatically, and workers don’t have to worry about their work. They will see everything on their smart devices with the help of this FSM Software.

FSM Software for Technicians

Technicians and field-workers will also get plenty of benefits from an FSM Company. With this software, a technician can go through the service histories. With proper information about the customer’s address and his requirements, a Technician can provide on-time satisfactory service.

With built-in GPS optimization, a technician can locate the address of the customers from where he has sent the request. All these tasks will become easier using this Software for the technicians and other field-workers.

FSM Software for Customers

Customers will also get a number of benefits from the FSM Software. With Artificial Intelligence, a Software collects customers’ requests and sort them out as per their requirements. The software also sends out tasks to the expert technicians.

Moreover, a customer will receive a phone call 30 minutes before the technician’s arrival. They will also receive a message regarding the technician with his name and exact arrival time. This alert message and phone call make the customers aware of their request, and they can stay at home to finish the service.

The Software also provides detailed information about the service that a Technician is going to provide. He would also know the pricing breakdown and everything which is essential. They can even send feedback in real-time after finishing the services.

Customer Portal helps the customers to book a service appointment easily. With this, customers don’t need to make phone calls or go to the company for requesting.

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