What to Consider Before Booking a Professional Leading Speaker for Your Event


Finding the right professional leading speaker for your event can ensure that your guests will leave inspired and in high spirits. There are several things that you should consider before choosing someone to speak at your event; after all, you can’t hold events every week, and you want your event to leave a deep impact on your audience. Before booking a speaker, consider the following to be sure you have made the right decision. 


What is the sole purpose of your event? Is it to motivate your employees or offer industry knowledge? Once you have defined your purpose, you can begin to shape the rest of your decisions around this. Think back to other events you may have attended and what was good or bad about the speaker. A great speaker can make or break an event, so you need to have a pure focus and purpose so that your professional speaker can deliver a speech that is tailored to your specific needs. Purpose is everything when it comes to planning a great event. 

Target Audience

Always look at your target audience and who they will enjoy most. If your event is regarding business, a business speaker may seem like the best option. If you are holding a business charity gala, perhaps getting into hard-hitting facts and stories about business is a little too much. Get into the minds of your target audience and be sure to do your research on the speaker, possibly watching some videos online to see if they are right for you. 


Expertise and experience will affect price, but it is certainly worth spending more on an amazing professional speaker if you want to make a big impact. It may be that you have to look at saving money on other parts of your event or selling event tickets for a higher price. If you hire a well-known leading speaker, you have a better chance of selling more tickets at a higher price. Remember, you get what you pay for, and event speakers can have a long-lasting effect on your audience. It is a much better option to spend more on this and less on event decorations and merchandise. 

Using a Speakers Bureau 

Working with a speaker’s bureau is the most effective way to book a speaker that is right for you. They can recommend speakers that will be most beneficial for your event and this way you can gain access to the best leading professional speakers available. Saxton can provide you with assistance when it comes to finding professional leading speakers for events in Australia. Attempting to book a speaker personally can prove much more difficult, and using a bureau means you are more likely to find a speaker, even at short notice. 

Once you have defined your event purpose and target audience, you can begin to examine the costs of hiring the perfect professional leading speaker for your event. Using a speaker’s bureau will assist you in finding the ideal speaker for your event.

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