How to Care Lucky Bamboo Plant?


So many of you must be familiar with the lucky bamboo plant. But I am sure, so many of you just heard its name somewhere or unknown about it. So first I will introduce you to the lucky bamboo plant and after that, I will give you tips to take care of it. The lucky bamboo plant and some people call it a tree too. It is said that it gives prosperity and happiness. You may be surprised to know that the number of lucky bamboo plants tells a different story. If you don’t know, then let me tell you to never buy or gift a four-stalk lucky bamboo plant. Because it symbolizes death, apart from this you can give and keep another stalk lucky bamboo plant. You can buy these lucky bamboo plants from your nearby florist in Bangalore, and also you can order online flower delivery in delhi from Bloomsvilla.  If you don’t know about the meaning of stalks then I am telling you.

  • One stalk symbolizes energy and unity.
  • Two stalks symbolize good luck for the love of your life. So on your partner’s birthday, the anniversary of and on Valentine’s Day flower delivery in bangalore &, you can give this instead of a flower bouquet.
  • Three stalks symbolize success and growth without any break, and it also symbolizes birth and family.
  • Four stalks symbolize as I said above.
  • Five stalks symbolize lots of happiness, good luck, prosperity, wealth, etc.
  • Six stalks symbolize success in business
  • Seven stalks symbolize good health and growth for yourself.
  • Eight stalks symbolize lots of blessings and unstoppable good energy. This is the perfect gift for those who are younger than you.
  • Nine stalks symbolize lots of gratitude and unstoppable success.

So, now you are aware of the meaning of the lucky bamboo plant stalks. Now I will tell you how to take care of it. Before going to the tips and tricks. I tell you this is one of the most loving plants and it’s really very easy to take care of it.

Water requirement

Before going to the water requirement. I want to tell you, always buy good quality lucky bamboo plants. And one more thing, it is like a money plant. You can grow it in water and soil both. The requirement for water is once a week. If you are growing it in soil, just make sure the soil should always be wet. I mean, it should always be moisturized, it should not be dry. Just be careful, the soil should only wet, water should not overflow on it. If you are growing it in water. Just take care of one thing, its roots should always be under the water. And make sure about it that algae should not grow. Otherwise, it will destroy the plant, so clean the pot or container once in 10 days.

Sunlight requirement

Its requirement of sunlight is moderate or I can say less. Its leaves can’t handle the direct sunlight. So keep it somewhere, where sunlight comes with reflection. If you will ask me in one sentence. I will say indirect sunlight. So you have to be more careful about it.

Temperature requirement

Its requirement of temperature is so flexible. Because the requirement is between 18°C to 36°C.

Little harmful

If you are keeping it home make sure, it should be at the top of your shelf. I mean keep it somewhere, where your pets can’t reach. Because it is poisonous for dogs which you can train to not eat it with help from Dog boarding at H.K. Dog Training in Fort Myers, FL. And it can make them ill badly. So be careful while keeping the lucky bamboo plant, if there is any pet in your home. And don’t worry, it is human friendly. So, it will not harm you.

Keep safe from pests

Let me tell you, pests affect it easily. So keep it away from fungal infection. Provide it good air, so that it can be away from the pests. Mostly Mealybug insects affect it. But don’t worry, it’s remedy is so simple. Just rub a little alcohol over it, and it will vanish.

These are the methods and tips to take care of your lucky bamboo plant. And I want to tell you, this is the perfect gift for anyone, especially for your loved ones. So this time don’t give a red rose bouquet gift.

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