Making Your Little Angel’s Special Day Memorable


As parents, we always want the best for our children. We always want them to smile from their hearts. To bring a child to the world is the greatest blessing the parents could ever have. They come to the world and make ours better. They grow so fast and very soon, the time of their birthdays arrive. We want to do our best to make their birthdays special for them.

Things to Do

Here I will tell you what you can do, how you can arrange the little things to make them happy. Keep reading –

●     Gender Bender

Don’t ever throw a gender specific party like all boys or all girls. This creates a mark on your Child’s mind and they might as well turn up to become supportive of gender discrimination. Invite everyone! Let the girls play with boys and vice versa.

●     Keep a theme

There are a lot of themes that you can choose for your child’s special day. For example, a movie themed party would be fun. There are lots of other themes available too, like, sports, barbies, dragons, cartoons and the list can go on. Do your research and be creative. You can get help from a marquee hire Melbourne company for all the necessary equipment like chairs, tables, and table linens to make the party a success.

●     Good Location

If you’re planning to book a hall for the party, then be very specific about the location. Always go for the areas that are easy to reach. For example, I live in Noida, and for my daughter’s birthday, I looked up the best birthday party places in noida on the internet. I got tons of results and from them, I chose one which was very convenient communication-wise. Remember, the venue is a real deal, it can make and break your plans.

●     Include Games

Let’s get this straight, you have a child, and what else does a child want other than getting to play? Organise interesting games for your kids amd their friends. For example, you can organize a treasure hunt or a memory game. Don’t make the kids feel bored at the the party. These sorts of games will keep them on their toes. Fun bounce house inflatables may also be a great source of entertainment for the kids.

●     Have a Contest

Kids love to participate in various types of contests. This not only pushes them towards the winning prize but also boosts their self confidence. For example, you can arrange a hula-hoop contest. The one to spin the hula-hoop for the longest period of time, will win.

●     Shows Never Fail

Organise a puppet or a magic show. Hire a local magician or a clown for your kid’s party. This always proves to be very entertaining for the kids.

●     Burst the Balloons

You can have balloons filled with little treats or candies and hang them all over the hall within the children’s reach. It is a super fun way for the kids to connect with each other while enjoying the goodies.

●     Optional Sleepover

It’s not suitable for those who have really small children. If your kid is eight or nine, you can arrange a sleepover or a pyjama party for them, of course, under your observation. All the guests would stay back. The kids would stay up all night watching a movie, playing different sorts of games or simply talking. This will allow your kids to share and connect with the others and grow to be a caring person.

I have a 8 year old daughter and these are some of the very little things that I did for her while she was growing up. To all the parents, I wish good luck. Take care, catch your later.

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