5 Top Business Event Technologies You Need to Embrace


Business events are among one of the many marketing tactics for small businesses to reach a targeted audience quickly. Not only do such face to face meetings with clients boost brand awareness and credibility, but also enable organizations to foster industry relations. But, succeeding in making a business with such events is not so simple. There will be a huge flux of competitors trying to steal the business with every possible technique. So, you need a proper and well-managed strategy to target customers and retain them afterward. We have also be using the wonderful 3D scanning service from Physical Digital recently to get the low-down on competitor products, and it’s just amazing how useful that data is, so comes highly recommended! There is, however, one thing that has become a must-have in any business event, technology. There is a plethora of gadgets event planners embrace during such corporate gatherings; here we are sharing top business event technologies.

Virtual Reality is the latest addition:

In the world of technology, there is only thing constant and that is change. The tech landscape changes so frequently sometimes become difficult to coup with it. However, some technologies leave everlasting impressions, one of them is virtual reality. Though VR has not been very successful as a common gadget, it has been a huge success in the business community. And certainly is reflected in modern world business meetings and conferences. With VR rental services providing short term virtual reality rental at cheap prices, it has now become a must-have in any trade show, conference, meeting, or seminar.

Augmented Reality:

Augmented reality is a sister technology of VR and has been conquering the business space manifold. Event planners are also no behind in making use of this extravagant technology in their era. Both VR and AR are commonly used to offer a great product launch experience. Both technologies offer a great and long-lasting experience that would increase brand awareness manifold. Leveraging AR technology is also not a problem with short-term rental services available at cost cutting prices.

Mobile devices:

Handheld gadgets are not a new addition to the fleet of audiovisual technology. But still, have a great impact in automating certain business processes during any event. iPad single-handedly has been ruling the audiovisual elements for a very long period of times. From automating the attendance systems to screen sharing and getting feedback, iPad is the best resource for any organizer to capture important leads from visitors. In short, if you are an event organizer and do not leverage the iPad, you need to reconsider your audiovisual approach, a great example would be to get audio from something like large speakers and your visuals from projectors or screens like led video walls. If you will be organizing an event in San Francisco, you may need AV services from sites like You may also look for a lighting engineer to help you set up lighting equipment for your event.

Giant video walls:

Another great technology to have in any corporate event is a giant video wall. Video walls can make your event more engaging and interactive. It is a must-have ingredient in conferences where there is a large number of audience. However, many smart planners also leverage it in trade shows for displaying promotional stuff to a more diversified audience from a couple of 100 feet, they just make sure to use the best Trade Show Booths to exhibit their work. Though iPad has been replacing video walls, still these can be used in form of iPad jeopardy wall or as slightly different variations.

Social Media:

Though not traditional business event technology but social media has a great power any business can use to skyrocket its business impressions. Event planners are no behind leveraging this untraditional business event technology to its fullest. Not only does social media can build brand awareness and credibility but it can also introduce you to new clients. Start promoting your event soon as you finalize the date and create a buzz among your audience. Keep it up during the event and use interactive tags to foster sharing. Also, do not ruin your efforts by not following up.

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