5 Easy Ways to Welcome the Positive Energy in Your Home This Rakhi


Raksha Bandhan is the most awaited festival of the year when you have a chance to add a spark of love into the most precious relationship; you shared with siblings. It’s the ideal time to surprise your sibling with a special gift and get the surroundings, especially your home ready to welcome the positive and cheerful festive vibes. The question arises how? Although there are several websites listing the great ways to bring positive energy to your living space, the one which is mentioned below are the top trending ideas which are an ideal pick to bring the positive vibes in your home on the special occasion of Rakhi. When surroundings are adorned with the upbeat things, then the positive aura will unintendedly be created. So what are you waiting for? Read this article thoroughly to know what ways are to bring the positive vibes at your sibling’s living space.

Place Buddha Idol on Raised Platform

Today, Buddha idol is used for home decor purpose. People are totally unaware of the excellent properties of this ideal home decor showpiece. Buy a buddha idol and place it on a table or any raised platform for a better flow of positive energy in your home. The feelings of peace, calmness and tranquility are associated with Buddha. So, the presence of such an idol will definitely block all the negative energies entering your home. Celebrate Raksha Bandhan 2019 revitalizing the good vibes in your home with this lovely home decor piece.

Indoor Plants for Positive Cosmic Field

Indoor plants are not only used for home decor purpose. They are also considered as the best medium to create a positive aura at your living space. Plants like lucky bamboo, money plant, basil, peace lily, aloe vera etc, are some indoor plants which are well known for the property of bringing peace and removing the negative vibes from your home. Few days are left to the Rakhi celebration, so, get your place ready with these plants to create a happy aura all around.

Paint Your Walls with Colors of Positivity

This idea can put a burden on your pocket, but still, if you have spare cash to spend or want to make your place a happy one, then you should definitely go with this idea. Visit this website for the best house painting services in Pittsburgh. When you get the walls of your home painted with the colors of positivity, then it definitely attracts the good vibes and makes your home, a ready for Rakhi celebration. The paint contractors near me are highly recommended. Every color has its own language. Eg; blue is the color of calm and serenity, pink of love and affection, the grey of elegance etc. I’m also a huge fan of Horse Scout Design as they sell lovely equestrian homewares.

Spiritual Candles for a Good Home Aroma

Another great idea to create a pleasant home aroma is to lit spiritual candles which play a supportive role in turning the whole home aura into the blissful one. Spiritual candles are basically are used for a variety of reasons. From religious to ceremonial, decorative to romantic, they are used for most of the reasons. But do you know that they are also used for welcoming the cheerful vibes as well? So, don’t limit your celebration to buying kids or bhaiya-bhabhi rakhi and exciting rakhi gifts. Welcome the happy vibes, lighting up the candles in the dark corners of your home.

Open Windows

The proper ventilation is necessary for a better flow of positive energy. Open the windows and let the fresh air come in. It is the easiest thing to do. Opening windows can be the best idea just not to bring positive energy to your home but also to hear outdoor sounds such as birdsongs, rainstorms, kids laughing etc. This simple practice of opening windows can have a huge impact on the aura of your living space. If you’re considering window replacement, this Window installation potomac can help you decide which type of window replacement is right for your situation.

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