How To Print On Laminate Tube Material?


The packaging is an underrated sector, as most people completely ignore that aspect. But, packaging plays a vital role in the transportation and storage of the material. Essential products like liquid items, paste, pharma products need quality packaging. Among all, laminate tube packaging is the most popular option. Read More Here for the best packaging design solutions in the industry. 

Laminate Tube

But things become complex when you need to print on the package for information and promotion. Here, in this article, you will get an insight into the printing of the laminate tube packaging. But, before rushing to the theme of the article, here are all the details that you need to know about the types of packaging. 

Types of Packaging

Like all the industries, the packaging industry also transformed with time, thanks to the rapid development of science and technology. Generally, there are three types of packaging available in the market.

Aluminum Tubes

This is one of the most affordable forms of packaging. It is still widely used to pack paints, pharma products, and many hair colors. 

Seamless Tubes

Though this type of packaging looks attractive, the cost of production increases significantly. It is mostly used for the packaging of cosmetics and several food products. 

Laminated Tubes

The laminated tube is becoming the most popular and efficient form of packaging. The PBL tube packaging is transparent, while the ABL leads to more stability. 

Here is How to Print on the Laminate Tube

Not long ago, the majority share of the laminated tubes was printed in the letterpress. There were several benefits to the letterpress as well. The printing was quite easier with letterpress printing. But, aspects like the color, quality, and time of production are compromised with the letterpress. Today, print services glasgow is the most convenient way.

As the demand for such decorative tubes is increasing day by day, the Lami Tubes Manufacturer is opting for an advance methodology called flexo. Flexo uses the printing plate to print on the laminate tube. The industry has transformed from the traditional rubber printing plate to photo polymer printing plates to improve the quality.

But, each of the colors demands a different plate. These plates are placed on a web press after wrapping around a cylinder. Flexo can be used to print on any sort of surfaces, such as paper, metal, or plastic. The adaptable nature is also helping the approach to reach a new height.

Advantages of Flexo Printing

Here is a list of advantages of flexo printing.

  • The speed of printing is quite high in flexo printing.
  • This type of printing is flexible; therefore, it is suitable for several substrate materials.
  • More often than not, it produces high-quality printing.
  • The set-up method consumes quite less time. 
  • zIt is relatively cheap. 
  • The process is quite simple; therefore, it does not demand skilled labor to carry out the task. 
  • The maintenance of the equipment is significantly cheaper than its counterparts. 

The fast production and highest quality have forced the manufacturers to opt for the flexo.

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