5 Ways to Tell You Need a New Skin Routine


Your skin is your body’s largest organ. It’s made up of different layers and is a huge reflection and indicator of your body’s internal state. This means that a skincare routine doesn’t just begin with what products we put on our face, but it also has to do with our environment and how we are caring for our bodies. Just as the seasons change and moods fluctuate, a skincare routine should also adjust accordingly.

You don’t feel motivated.

The biggest sign that you need a new skin routine, is that you don’t feel motivated to take care of your skin. With all the things on your to-do list, like going for a motivational run or getting that home project done, adding another self-care regime can feel like the last thing you want to do. If you already have products in your cabinet but just don’t feel motivated to do all the steps, maybe it’s time to create a new skincare routine. 

Instead of a mundane routine that requires a long list of products, try incorporating different massages and tools to spunk up your skin routine and make it much more enjoyable. Gua sha is a traditional Chinese natural therapy that can be done at home with a scraping tool. The purpose of it is to drain the lymphatic system, increase blood circulation, and reduce inflammation. Trying new things can help motivate you to stay consistent with your skin routine.

The weather is changing.

If you find that your skin is getting too oily or too dry, it may be time to switch up how you’re approaching your skin and what you’re using. 

Oftentimes, as you get your winter clothes and gear ready for the colder months, because there is less humidity in the air, the skin barrier weakens and results in dry skin. This is the perfect time to use products that are more concentrated and moisturizing, but also a sign to boost your water intake and preserve that inner hydration. Different facial oils like carrot seed oil and rosehip oil are full of vitamins and antioxidants that can be applied to the skin to increase elasticity and retain moisture.

When the temperature outside rises and summertime approaches, you’ll also want to adjust accordingly. If you find yourself feeling extra oily, it’s a good time to use lighter products that are sweat resistant! Natural remedies for oily skin that can be incorporated into your skin routine during warmer months include aloe vera and tea tree essential oil. 

You don’t have enough time.

If you don’t have enough time to do a twenty-minute skincare routine morning and night, that is completely understandable. Instead of being discouraged, this is the perfect opportunity to switch up your routine and create one that is more sustainable for you. 

All you really need is a couple of minutes in the morning and evening to cleanse your skin, exfoliate, and hydrate. In the morning you can rinse your face with water, apply a quick oil to hydrate and at the end of the day take a couple extra minutes to scrub any dead skin and residual makeup off of your face. You can also kill two birds with one stone while you’re in the shower and use a gentle facial scrub while the conditioner is in your hair. 

Your skin routine can be as extravagant or as simple as you desire. Finding a routine that aligns with your schedule will keep you more inclined to stick with it!  

Your skin is breaking out.

Whether it’s acne or skin irritation from shaving, breakouts can cause a lot of anxiety. Nobody enjoys having acne, but it can be a great tool that indicates what’s going on in the body, and point you in the direction of a new skin routine. 

If your skin is breaking out, there are a couple of factors to consider that could be contributing to the issue. Make a list of what you’ve put on your skin, in your body, and your stress levels. Tracking your acne triggers will help you pinpoint the cause and make finding a solution easy.

If you’ve recently tried a new product and notice that it’s left your skin irritated, swap it for a more natural product since it might have some ingredients that your skin doesn’t agree with. Furthermore, make managing stress a part of your skin routine. Stress directly affects your body’s hormones. This not only increases cortisol levels in the body which increases oil production, but it also interferes with the lymphatic system. While topical spot treatments may reduce the appearance of blemishes, in order to heal acne and prevent it from coming back, you’ll want to internally address what may be causing your acne.

Your skin goals have shifted. 

Maybe before your skin goals were to get clear skin, but now that you’ve accomplished that, your goals may be to prevent aging or increase hydration. It’s always a good idea to know what you’re working towards when it comes to your skin. This helps you take the appropriate action within your routine. There are various different products that can help with different issues. If you are looking for a specific treatment to help with acne, try a prescription cream that is known to balance your skin’s oil production and reduce inflammation. If you’re hoping to preserve a youthful look, vitamin C and retinol can be applied daily. Retinol is great for increasing collagen production and reducing fine lines while the antioxidants in vitamin C serums brighten the skin and fight against toxins.

Beauty doesn’t have to be painful. Listening to the cues from your skin will help you navigate what routine is best for you. Furthermore, your skin routine should be fun and rewarding so if you don’t feel motivated to take care of your skin, switch up your routine. Establish your skin goals and find products and routines that are known to address your concerns. Incorporate skin massages and hydrating foods into your diet as those will amplify your skin health and make your routine much more fun!

Catalina McFarland

Catalina McFarland holds a B.S. in Communication from Arizona State University. She is a holistic health coach and blogger at catasparkle.com where she loves sharing her passion for wellness. Outside of writing, she loves traveling, doing yoga, and reading.

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