5 Reasons to Live in Southeast England


The southeast of England is a very popular place to live and work. The region that makes up the counties of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, East Sussex, West Sussex, Hampshire, Kent, Oxfordshire, Surrey, and Greater London has many benefits for people who choose to live there. Although the cost of living is higher than other areas of the UK, there are plenty of reasons that make living in southeast England worth it. Here we will look at five of the main reasons why this region is such a popular choice to make your home. 

The Weather

The weather in England is famously unpredictable, with frequent showers and cloudy skies. However, the south of England is significantly warmer than the North and the Midlands. If you want to live in England but don’t want to deal with the cold Northern winters, the southeast is the ideal location for you.

London Is Close By

Of course, one of the main draws of living in the southeast of England is the proximity to the capital city of London. One of the world’s most vibrant and exciting cities, the list of things to do in London is nearly endless. In terms of employment opportunities, London is second to none, as one of the main financial and industrial hubs of the world. You don’t need to live in the centre of London to benefit from its opportunities.

The Infrastructure Is Second to None 

The southeast of England has possibly the best infrastructure in the country. Compared to other areas of the UK, this region has had plenty of funding for road and rail networks, making journeys easier and more convenient than in the rest of the UK. This also means that you do not have to live in a big city like London to take advantage of the employment opportunities of the capital—even if you live in a quaint rural village, you can still have easy and convenient access to employment in a city. When it comes to air travel, Gatwick and Heathrow airports are close and convenient.

The Nature Is Stunning

As well as the bustling metropolis of London, the southeast of England is home to some of England’s most beautiful areas of nature. From the green fields of Hampshire to the awe-inspiring cliffs at the Seven Sisters, there is no shortage of scenery. If you want to live a little further out from the city and in more rural surroundings, checking out estate agents Cheshunt can help you to find your perfect home in the southeast. 

Travel Is Easy and Convenient 

With only the narrow English Channel sea separating the southeast coast from mainland Europe, you can be in France in a matter of hours if you are so inclined. As well as close proximity to Europe, the southeast is also home to Heathrow Airport, a major international airport that offers all of the travel opportunities that you could ever want. 

If you would rather travel by sea, there are plenty of ports and options to travel by ferry.

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