Healthy European Food Recipes That Everyone Will Love!


Healthy food doesn’t need to be bland and boring. There are plenty of options out there, even if you’re trying to stick to a budget. And while it might not be as easy as ordering pizza on the phone, here are European food recipes that will please meat lovers and vegans alike! There’s also authentic italian food that is both healthy and flavorful.

Salad Nicoise

A salad more well-known in the United States than Europe, this tasty dish is made with olive oil, tuna fish, hard boiled eggs, potatoes, green beans, tomatoes and anchovies. This salad is often served warm, and is delicious!


This Greek dish consists of crushed, toasted grains and olive oil. It’s delicious spread on bread, but also makes a great filling for pita bread or a hearty topping for soup. Order your favorite bread from a bakery that provides fresh bread delivery services and try Dakos as spread.


This delicious dish is a traditional Greek appetizer which can be made with potatoes or white beans, which are then blended with garlic. It’s incredibly tasty, so long as you’re okay with raw garlic! It goes well with bread or crackers.


A traditional Arabic salad or appetizer, it is made with toasted pita bread which has been soaked in water until soft. Fattoush is typically sweetened with pomegranate syrup, but can also be salty depending on the ingredients used (such as olives). This tasty dish is perfect for a light meal!


Just like fattoush, tabbouleh is another traditional Lebanese salad or appetizer. It’s made with toasted pita bread, tomatoes, parsley and mint, but is also commonly seasoned with lemon juice or olive oil. This dish is best served warm, and is perfect for a light meal!


These little cheese puffs are delicious any time of day. They can be made with any sort of cheese that you’d like. They taste best when they’re piping hot fresh out of the oven! And you can create different variations based on what you choose as additional fillings, such as spinach and shrimp or feta cheese and zucchini (or whatever else your family enjoys).


Also known as avgolemono, this Greek dip is made with yogurt and dill. It’s best served cold or at room temperature (the yogurt will separate and the dill will fall to the bottom), but it tastes just as delicious when you’re eating it warm.


This tasty dish is traditionally made with minced pork, which is then mixed with onions, sage and breadcrumbs. It’s commonly served with mashed potatoes, but can also be used as a topping for pasta or ontop of croquettes (in England).


This delicious French dish is made with snails, garlic, parsley and butter. Escargot can be purchased from the grocery store already prepared; in which case all you have to do is heat it up. You can also make escargot at home. It’s fairly easy!


 All in all, healthy food, like the ones on, doesn’t have to be boring! You just need to find some interesting ingredients, and create these recipes.

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