Munnar – A Serene Tourist Destination in God’s Own Country


“MUNNAR”! The name itself brings a vast expanse of unadulterated natural beauty to mind. It is one of the most enchanting tourist destinations located in South India. Muthirapuzha, Nallathanni and Kundala rivers meet at a point in Idduki district and this is where Munnar is located. This place is at an altitude of about 6000 feet and remains enveloped with misty clouds that are a sight for sore eyes. The lush landscapes, tea plantations and endless lagoons are so picturesque that one doesn’t want to return home. Staying at resorts in Munnar will leave you spellbound and craving for more. You can see the fluffy clouds floating around the hilltops and the tea gardens all around. All this makes you unleash yourself and cuddle in the serene beauty and forget about the crowded city life.

The unparalleled beauty and tranquillity of Munnar invite thousands of tourists who are awestruck to see what nature has to offer. The backwaters of Kerala are located parallel to the Arabian sea and comprise lagoons, lakes and canals. The backwater cruise offers once in a lifetime experience to soak in raw nature. Alapuzzho is aptly named ‘Venice of the East’ and is popular among tourists for houseboat cruises.

Like any other tourist destination, Munnar offers has a plethora of options for tourist accommodation, resorts being more popular as people come here to unwind and relax in the lush green surroundings. Gone are the days when people craved to experience staying in a luxury hotel with state-of-the-art facilities. Nowadays, people opt for a more exclusive experience and prefer to stay in a luxury resort that has all modern facilities and are away from noisy and crowded places. The resorts in Munnar are nestled among charming hills, overlooking tea plantations, having a spectacular view of lakes and hills that will surely take your breath away. With so many options available, you may find it difficult to choose the perfect resort for your stay. It is not such a difficult task if you know exactly how you want to indulge yourself.

Why should you prefer to stay in a Resort?

Well! It is a valid question that may arise in your mind while planning a holiday. The hospitality sector has a lot to offer, but it is entirely your choice at the end of the day. Let us look at some benefits of staying in a resort. 

  • Adventure and Fun – “I’m bored!” Two words that kids scream and parents dread! It is quite difficult to keep children engaged while you enjoy the beauty of nature. While hotels may provide all amenities, resorts have many adventurous activities to indulge the young and old alike. You’ll be surprised how some of these activities bring out the child in you. These activities give your holiday a special touch and extra zing that you cherish for a lifetime. 
  • Location – Holidays are getaways from the monotonous daily schedule and fast-paced lives that we generally lead. An occasional break from the routine is rejuvenating, to say the least. Resorts are generally located away from the cities, allowing you to slow down and enjoy the small wonders of nature that generally go unnoticed in the hustle and bustle of our daily life.
  • Sightseeing and other Activities – Hotels are suitable for individuals or couples but if you are travelling with kids, it is better to stay at a resort as they have loads of activities to indulge your kids and keep them busy while you languish in the natural surroundings. It is not just the kids who are looked after, but many cultural events and activities like hiking, trekking, barbeque etc. are planned for all age groups so that everyone has something to do. Munnar has so much to offer and resorts have guides and transport services to nearby tourist attractions such as Tata Tea Museum, Attukal waterfalls and many more.
  • In-House facilities – Resorts generally have amenities such as a spa, yoga classes, gym, plunge pools, game rooms, lounges, souvenir shops, restaurants and other in-house facilities so that you need not step out for anything. In short, you avail all modern facilities while staying close to nature.
  • Spacious – Resorts are usually spread over a large area and ensure that you don’t feel confined in a closed area. You can enjoy long walks, laze around in a deck chair or simply enjoy an ayurvedic massage that is a speciality of Kerala. Hotels, on the other hand, have limited space, although some resort hotels also offer most of these amenities to their guests.
  • Personalized Experience –While hotels can be somewhat impersonal and focused on getting business done, resorts are more relaxed and offer a personal touch, taking care of minute details and your preferences so that your stay becomes a memorable one. They believe in building lasting relationships so that you keep coming back generation after generation.

Bottom line – 

Holidays are meant to be enjoyed and create memories that you savor for a long time. So, before you book your next holiday, spend some time planning your stay and how you want to spend time during your stay. Figure out the setting that you want for yourself and your family. Resorts have a variety of recreational activities that are in tune with the environment. For example, if the resort is located on a mountain, it may offer skiing; those amongst the woods may organize trekking trips, a jeep safari to the tea plantations and so on. 

And, yes! Before you worry about the expenses, resorts in Munnar are available in all budget options. You can opt for the one that suits your pocket and let yourself be pampered by expert professionals who will take care of all your needs. If you are planning a special holiday for your loved ones, you cannot miss staying at resorts in Munnar that are the epitome of luxury. The charming and warm hospitality that they offer will steal your heart for sure. So, stop fantasizing and pack your bags to experience nature at its best.

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