Different Designs of Neck Piece That One Can Wear


Dressing up is fun and adding some statement jewellery pieces to the outfits can be even more fun. This can make the outfit look really classy and add some more values to it.  There are endless materials and designs which one can buy when it comes to trendy neck pieces.

Oxidized necklace sets are perfect when one is going for an Indian or an ethnic wear. There are plenty of other designs to wear with western wears as well. Here are some all time favorite designs that one can wear as neck pieces.

Opera necklace

This necklace has a lot of drama in it. So, if one wants something like that then they can pair their outfit with this necklace. They are made of a single strand but if one wants then they can also make it a double strand and then wear as a choker. One can wear them to create a vintage look and they can go with anything from a casual to a stylish outfit.

Multi Colored necklace

This one though looks simple but it can add a lot of colors to a plain outfit. One can pair this designed neck piece with any light pastel shade outfit or simply a white ethnic wear. They go really well with solid colored western outfits as well. One can wear them on casual outings and parties as well. Those lovely colors will always attract people.

Thread necklace

As the name suggests this necklace is mainly made from plenty of colorful threads and this gives the necklace a unique look. One can pair them up with an oxidized pendant as well. The best part of this necklace is, one can wear then easily with a suit or a sari or even with a fusion dress. One can just put this design with their outfit to increase their oomph in the look.

Bib necklace

This necklace as per the name covers the neck area just like the bib does. This one is in the fashion trend very lately. They are the ones that can easily replace the winter scarves and they look really gorgeous. One can pair them up with a kurti or a western top to get a chunky look. This is a very strong and statement necklace and so one needs to keep the outfit simple.


They are worn very close to the neck. It is a classic design when it comes to neck pieces and one can wear them with formal dresses as well. They can have a stone pendant or a filigree work on it which makes it look even classier. They go really well with dresses that have boat necks, turtle necks and off shoulders.

Crew necklace

They are also known as crew necks and one can wear them with a wide or broad neck lined dresses.For any kind of traditional wear, one can always go for beads necklace sets. They are made of vibrant and single or multi colored beads and they look stunning on people who wear them.

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