Top 5 technical website factors affect SEO success


When we talk about SEO there are a few things that come to our mind such as Keywords, on-page content optimizing and, building relevant links

Just as these on-page factors play an important role in the success of an SEO website, you should never ignore the technical factors. As Google has started to prioritize user experience with their recent updates, updating technical features of your site can boost its ranking, conversions, and engagement.

On this note, while implying certain features or changes to your website make sure if it is suitable for your site or not. Cause, in case of technical SEO, there is no one-for-all theorem to fit all. All the different sectors require different approaches and follow different methods. So while applying you must be sure that the changes are relevant to your site.

Fixing technical issues or enhancing others is also beneficial for your seo packages. It helps you to have a better Google Search Ranking. A far-sighted plan only can be made with proper auditing of your site, Google Search Console Account and server log files.

Here in this article, we will discuss the top 5 technical factors for your SEO success.

Content Quality

Content quality is the most important ranking factors for Google and other search engines. Though content quality has been made the priority for a very long time, nowadays Google is prioritizing natural high-quality relevant writing over keyword-stuffed writing.

It has been found in a study by SearchMetrics that 50% of results in the top 20 rankings include their keyword in the title whereas, 40% of landing pages have in H1. 

With the constant dropping numbers here, it is quite easy to understand that Google prioritizes the quality content over the usage of keyword.

Content impacts a lot of technical factors such as the Bounce rate and CTR. So to have the best result and a better rank for your website on the SERP, try to prepare content that will be realistic, comprehensive and relevant to your audience.

Site Speed

For mobile Search Engine Result Pages or SERP, site speed is one of the key factors for your ranking. In this time, where Google is been prioritizing the user experience a site that takes a lot of time to load might earn a Google penalty. 

So while you are making your website make sure that it should not more than 22 seconds to load. But the surveys say 53% of the users tend to leave a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. So you need to ensure that your site loads on time.

For organic search, site speed has a very important role to play and there are many useful and effective to boost your site loading speed.

BY optimizing the images, reducing redirects, enabling compression you can easily boost your site loading time. For further help, you can use tools that help you monitor the loading times such as, Chrome UX report or Lighthouse. 


For Google ranking factors, backlinks hold an important place for ages. These days Google tends to remove the bad links from the search results following a few factors. Though so many links make their place on the top even now, they can make it to there only from diverse and authoritative sites.

With your content earning more of high-quality backlinks, you get to hit three important ranking signals such as several backlinks, link authority, and link diversity. 

There are various ways to approach link building that at the end summarizes content marketing. For this, you need to make sure that all your contents are of high quality and are been promoted well.

For additional help, you can use various link building software available in the market. Using this software you can monitor the number of links used in your article and the quality of those links. At the same time, using this software you can also remove low-quality spammy links from your article.


There can be a lot of reasons behind the poor performance of a site. A big migration or change in a site structure is one of them. Any substantial changes to the platform design, location, or structure of the site may have a notable impact on the organic ranking of that site.

Overdoing redirects on your sites can hamper the site speed leading to effect your htaccess or web config files in a mess. 

Still, redirects are one of the important tools for the SEO, helping them to regain lost authority and to be sure that the site can be indexed easily by search engines. 

While applying redirects, make sure to use 301 permanent URL redirection. This will signal the search engines to index new URL and forward ranking signals so you retain the authority and visibility of the page.

Title Tags and Meta Description

Though meta description and title tag optimizing sounds like old school technique for SEO, both the things are equally relevant and important.

Meta Descriptions are those small descriptive summaries that the users get to see while browsing through search engines. O optimizing quality meta descriptions are very important for your website success.

Many SEO tend to stop using their pixel allowance for optimizing title tags. But you can always add secondary keywords using keywords research tools with your title tags for better results. Hiring local seo services providers is likely the best way to ensure your website gets noticed by search engines and potential customers.


Along with all these key factors even your website structure has to play a huge part in your website success. Though it might be irrelevant to a few sites still using a silo structure for URLs are always useful for your site structure.

In the year 2014 Google has confirmed that the sites that use strong HTTPS encryption will rank better in SERP that their HTTP counterpart and the website not using HTTPS encryption are regarded as unsafe by Chrome.

To overcome this issue, a website should have SSL certificate that brings web security to your website and allows customers to deal with the site in a secured environment.

 So while building your website make sure that your website comes with HTTPS encryption. 

In previous years Google has made a steady push for high-quality content, quality links and perfect mobile experience.

Following these few tactics, you can turn your seo services packages experience better. 

Alen Parker
Alen Parker is a critically-acclaimed writer who has generated a wide range of content during his professional career. His industry-wide experience into writing for different niches is certainly an admirable aspect that empowers him to create enriching, informative write-ups.

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