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Over the years, mobile apps have transformed drastically. You can find any functionality-based app in the app stores these days. From travel apps to art & design apps, you name it. However, graphics designing in multiple fields is topping its growth. Not to mention it’s one of the standard fields of interest for many. Countless businesses use graphics designing maneuvers to flaunt and promote their products outstandingly. In short, it’s essential in this digital world.

The need to have everything in palm-sized devices is growing more than ever. On the flip side, the app developers have done a tremendous job crowding the app store with tons of apps embedded with various functionalities. This is quite the same case when you need phenomenal graphic design apps on your smartphone. Since you cannot carry your laptops wherever you go – that’s when mobile graphic design apps come in handy. This article has pulled together the seven best mobile graphic design apps for you to design anywhere and anytime without being glued to lappy devices – aka laptops.

Let’s keep the ball rolling!

1 – Canva

Although an essential app for professionals, it’s a well-known graphics designing app and popular among sloppy designers. Besides, this is accessible for multiple platform owners such as iOS, Android, and web. Use the Canva app’s in-built layouts or templates and drag and drop feature to create cutting-edge designs. Not to mention, it’s super easy to use regardless of your designing background. Go for the Canva app if you need things done in no time – it’s super quick too. Furthermore, Canva allows you to invite people to edit and design with you at the same time, A pretty nifty feature to consider Canva for use. With Canva, you can create anything; Logos, Posters, Business Cards, Flyers, Presentations, Resumes, almost anything. 

Key Features of Canva:

  • Real-time collaboration.
  • Built-in comments to communicate efficiently.
  • Collection of cool effects and animations.
  • Multiple editing tools.

2 – Adobe Spark Post

Adobe Spark Post app is pretty much like the Canva app. Both ensure the users the essential editing tools, designed templates, and ability to share designed stuff easily and quickly. Even though it enables you to create animations like Canva, sharing them on social sites. This graphic design app also has features to crop photos to their pure dimension for each social media network – which is habit-forming to those who post daily on social sites. So Adobe Spark Post is a great choice to create stunning graphics, web pages, and videos stories in minutes. But still, bear with we have more to offer. 

Key Features of Abode Spark Post:

  • Includes all the basic editing options – crop, trim, resize, etc. 
  • Edit Videos and Photos.
  • Convert file to JPG from PNG and vice versa.
  • Offers trending templates. 

3 – Infinite Design

It is an excellent mobile app for graphic design and drawing. Infinite Design tends to be one of the initial apps that mainly focused on graphic designing. Likewise, it has a broad spectrum of tools to help to edit almost any angle possible. This app can also allow you to create vector images instantly. Layouts that even enable you to put your hands on SVGs files by easily importing them in your Infinite Design mobile app. Besides, this app has its own pen tool like eminent PC editing applications, such as Photoshop and Illustrator. Further, a streamlined interface that lets you organize easily and quickly.

Key Features of Infinite Design:

  • Easily construct shapes and figure with the pen tool.
  • Automatic shape detection.
  • Import and export – JPEG, PNG, and SVG files.
  • Share instantly.

4 – Adobe Illustrator Draw

This graphic design app can be an excellent choice if you plan to draw vector illustrator – the name itself defines its proficiency; ‘Adobe Illustrator Draw.’ This app offers an easy-to-use user interface and is an excellent alternative to other graphic design mobile apps. Additionally, it contains a vast horizon of supreme digital brushes. Making phenomenal watercolors is highly easy with the Adobe Illustrator Draw app. More importantly, you can even send present designs from mobile app to Illustrator on your computer quickly, which can be a fantastic feature for you to choose from. On the whole, it’s a tremendous tool to take on.

Key Features of Adobe Illustrator Draw:

  • Has an advanced collection of digital brushes.
  • Basic tools with refined and effective working.
  • Offer cloud libraries.

5 – Autodesk Sketchbook

Another cool app for drawing and painting. It includes a vast amount of features along with brushes and pencils. In addition, detailed illustrations and drawings genuinely help you make thumb-stopping designs. Moreover, it offers an elegant user interface along with a natural drawing user experience. Not to mention, guides, rulers, and stroke tools support accuracy when you want it. Besides, highly customizable tools draw more to a professional-grade feature set, which can certainly bring out your creativeness. This graphic design app is made by Autodesk, a software development publisher like Abode.

Key Feature of Autodesk Sketchbook:

  • Highly customizable brushes.
  • Clean and unobstructed interface.
  • Basin advanced tools.

6 – Infinite Painter

This mobile app was built by the same group of people who made the Infinite Design app mentioned above. This app work like Infinite Design but is more fixated on the painting portion. In other words, it ensures a high number of brushes to help paint striking designs and more. It’s available in the Apple app store and Google play store in-app purchases. More useful for the painter who likes to draw creativity with a detailed touch. Moreover, Infinite Painter allows users to transform numerous layers simultaneously. In the infinite Painter app, you can even create your brush to draw realistic stuff.

Key Features of Infinite Painter:

  • It offers layers and blends modes.
  • Has clipping masks feature.
  • An organized interface like Infinite Design.
  • It helps in creating seamless patterns with patterns tools.

7 – Adobe Comp

This graphic design app lets you create state-of-the-art layouts using your phone. Its natural drawing gestures help you make the perfect layout you need. Abode Comp app allows you to transform your uneven shapes and figures into crisp graphics designs. It is also easy-to-use with its simple yet effective offering functions like text, images, shapes, and more. Then again, it’s a product from a well-known software development company which makes it highly reliable for professional users.  

Key Features of Adobe Comp:

  • Craft layouts anywhere.
  • Draw naturally and more precisely.
  • Offers creative cloud libraries.
  • Works with Adobe Stock assets. 
  • Allows you to edit once and update everywhere.

Some Closing thoughts…

The drastic advancement in technologies, especially on mobile apps, sanctified us the chance to engrain any functionality into our handheld devices, which is quite soothing and impressing to take our designing tasks anywhere with the help of graphic design mobile apps. Hopefully, this article did its mission to provide you with the best seven mobile apps you can use for graphic designing.If you have an excellent app idea, get support from the best Mobile App Development company today. Besides, the cost to make an app can vary on how much functionality you need in it. So, start with the least functions and features for the record and then transcend with your app’s success.

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