10 Proven Customer Engagement Strategies – To Increase your Website Traffic and Rank


In this age of transformation, everything is changing. Our business strategy and customer engagement strategies have changed a lot in the past decade. The transformation level has made every business, service provider, and individuals create their own website. 

Creating a website is easy, but driving traffic to your site needs extra effort and it’s worth it. This website traffic defines the success rate of any kind of business and it’s possible with improving customer engagement strategies.

Here is a list of top 10 customer engagement strategies for businesses to increase website traffic and rank in this modern era.

1. Create Pillar Posts

  • The best choice in creating a pillar post is using a content marketing strategy, it helps to increase website traffic easily.
  • Use valuable and informative content for your customers depending upon your niche.
  • Don’t just focus on the general tips and advice in your post, try to bring more information and add your new in-depth findings of the customer interactions.
  • The post with listicles is a delight to customers and also it drives traffic to your website. You can include references to other influencers within your niche here.
  • You can even go in deep like interviewing popular bloggers or marketers from your industry. Your customers will be interested to know them and this inspires you to share your post with others. This way helps businesses to reach a wider audience.

2. Leave Comments on Blogs and Posts

  • To make people follow you, be active on every other platform. This is a smarter way than being active on your website and pages alone. In this way, you open up doors for more customers to follow you.
  • Provide informative questions and answers for your customers. This provides solutions for your products or services and highly engaged customers will follow your website.
  • You can increase website traffic by allowing the audience to know the insights of your business free of cost.
  • Educate your customers on your website, this ultimately builds trust in your business. Customers are more likely to check your brand with this strategy.

3. SEO and Keyword Strategies

  • Every website must have an SEO strategy and keyword optimization in the first place. This drives customers to your site from searches.
  • Your website must be optimized for search related to code, content, structure, and types of keywords that you use. A Keyword Planner is a must-have tool for SEO. Add inbound and outbound links as they influence your search results.
  • Tools include Google Webmaster, Adwords Keyword Tool and Google Analytics will help you to choose the right keywords for your business. Target long-tail keywords and establish your brand to the target audience.
  • You can also link your website to other platforms or sites to target more audiences. These quality links can increase your traffic and ranking.

4. Be Active on Forums

  • If you see Reddit and Quora. Readers tend to seek customer feels and customer feedback from real people. These peer answers can draw huge traffic to your website.
  • Try to focus on your industry people questions in forums and join with them in conversation.
  • Your profile has to create credibility and affiliate with your brand. This way it reaches more loyal customers long term easily.
  • You can add links with additional high-quality information related to your products or services on the website.

5. Consider Paid Advertising

  • Consider organic advertising using paid social posts and campaigns. This helps to reach out to the target audience and you can easily target the right individuals for your business.
  • You can make visitors to your website and here focus to convert your customers.
  • The paid advertising and an effective SEO strategy help to attract your target demographic to the website.

6. Create Surveys

  • Creating surveys gives you the opportunity to be in the mind of your website visitors.
  • All this survey helps you to create a better customer experience. So request them to complete a survey.
  • Encourage customers to take part in these surveys, by providing special discounts and promotion code to users. Entity Extraction can also be used in order to understand what the consumers are saying about your business.
  • Take this as an opportunity and make users sign up for accounts on your website. Be unique with UX/UI and interact with your customers on the brand.
  • You can use survey software such as Delighted or Jotform or online form builder tools to create website and email surveys. Keep it minimal and utilize existing customers.

7. Optimize Email Marketing

  • Email newsletters are helpful to attract return visitors to your website.
  • Once they sign up, you get innumerable advantages in the business funnel. You can share relevant information about your brand, updates, news to gain customer support, and customer loyalty.
  • Newsletters are helpful to introduce a new product, service, or discount for customers as a call to action. This strategy increases website traffic and rank better.
  • Email marketing should be focused and consistent. Don’t leave customers spammed with too many emails.

8. Create a Community

  • There are multiple options to create a community. Some companies use Facebook Group pages, but the best option out of all is creating an online forum on the website.
  • By implementing this strategy on your website, it will become the ‘meeting place’ for customer engagement.
  • That’s the success of this strategy, you are making customers visit again. A community is an irreplaceable option to create customer engagement and build connections.
  • Do your research first, creating a community is a hugely time-consuming process.

9. Create Quizzes for Your Website

  • Creating quizzes may sound interesting and if you implement the right way this helps to generate website traffic and rank widely. You can share all these quizzes on social media platforms and engage with customers in real-time.
  • Select topics and content relevant to your brand products or services.
  • For example, if you sell beauty products, create a quiz titled ‘which type of beauty regime suits you’ or if you’re selling health supplement products; ‘which health product was made for you’.
  • This way allows you to entertain your customers with your services or products. Sites like lead quizzes Quizzr, Quiz Revolution, and FlexiQuiz can help you to create your quizzes and you can easily embed that on your website.

10. Create a YouTube Channel

  • YouTube plays a vital role in search engine ranking, but it depends on your businesses. YouTube is helpful to promote your business easily to the customer base.
  • YouTube, the 2nd largest search engine worldwide, and the 3rd most visited website. Google and Facebook rule the first and second places respectively.
  • When you search for content on Google, your search results will include video content. This allows you to engage with customers and you can get listed on various search results. 
  • You can share promotional videos, educate your audience, or explain how to use your product on your YouTube channel.

Wrapping up

These are some of the proven ways to increase website traffic and rank. By implementing all these strategies, you can boost your conversions and sales easily.

Focus on your brand and implement the strategies that can help your brand to grow. Explore all the marketing strategies and include if it is relevant to your brand.

If you struggle to do all this alone, you can hire an Internet marketing service provider and they will do the work easily for you.

For every website owner, it’s crucial to understand the trends in the industry. With consistent effort, you can adapt marketing strategies according to your business easily.

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