How can I Check My Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate and Who can Issue DSC?



The digital certificate signature is another product that has come out of the technological development and expansion of the 21st century. Digital Certificate Signatures or DSC are commonly used by various government bodies and have now been increasingly adopted as a statutory requirement while filling multiple applications.

The validity of these certificates is up to three years and is basically of three variants. The first type of DSC is the Sign DSC, whereas the name suggests, is only for signing different documents. The Sign DSC is commonly used for Tax Returns, MSC, and more.

The second type of DSC is the Encrypt DSC, which is used for encrypting documents and has been extensively used by different companies for encrypting documents before uploading them. Encrypt DSC is mostly used for legal documentation, e-commerce documents, and sharing confidential documents or those that need protection.

The third and the last type of digital signature certificate is a combination of the first and the second variant, i.e., the Sign and Encrypt DSC. It can be used to both sign and encrypt the document and is a convenient tool for those individuals and companies who need to authenticate the document and maintain the confidentiality of the same. It is mostly used for filling government application forms, which are very confidential.

Classification of DSC

There are three DSC classes, i.e., Class 1 Digital Signature Certificate, Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate, and the Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate. This article will primarily talk about the latter. The significant difference between both classes is the safety quotient.

The Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate is an upgraded version of Class 2 DSC and is the safest compared to all the digital signature certificates. This class of certificate is used for e-commerce and online trading, which involves a considerable amount of money and the sharing of confidential information.

How Can I Check Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate

To check your Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate, you first need to view the digital signature, and for that, you need to open the file that contains the digital signature. Click on the “File,” then go to “Info” and then to “View Signature.” You will get a list, and you have to click on the “down-arrow” on the signature name and then go to “Signature Details.”

The “Signature Details” dialogue box also provides the certificate information like the signer’s name and who issued the certificate.

Go ahead and open the file which contains the particular certificate you want to check. For that, you need to go to “File” and proceed to “Info” and from there to “View Signatures.” You will get a list, and you have to click on the “down-arrow” on the signature name and then go to “Signature Details.” When the “Signature Details” dialogue box opens, then click on “View,” and you will be able to check the certificate.

Who Issues The DSC?

Regarding the issuing of DSC, a Certifying Authority that has been licensed, has the power to issue the digital signature certificate. A certifying authority is a person who is granted the power to issue the DSC under the provision of Section 24 of the Indian Information Technology Act, 2000.

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