Phenocal: Is It Beneficial For Weight Loss?


Phenocal is a thermokinetic supplement formulated with ingredients such as Green Tea Extract and Fucoxanthin, known to enhance weight reduction. According to the manufacturer, the product is made entirely from natural ingredients for weight loss. Since not everyone is a suitable candidate for weight loss surgery, as it involves significant lifestyle changes and potential risks, some utilized other options instead.

What makes Phenocal different from other supplements for weight loss on the market today? What are the ingredients in Phenocal? Is it worth it? And what are consumers saying about Phenocal? We will answer all of these questions and more in this Phenocal reviews article. 

Weight Loss Without Exercise: Is It Possible?

How to lose weight tips abound, and not a few of them leave out exercises for weight loss. Is it possible to lose weight without exercise? It could be true for some looking to shed only a few pounds. But for the most part, a weight loss supplement will not do enough when used alone. And just as the makers of Phenocal emphasize, you will need to combine a weight loss supplement with the right diet and adequate physical exercise for significant results. 

Again, no weight loss pills can and should ever take the place of exercise and diet. 

What Is Phenocal?

Phenocal is a weight loss supplement formulated with a selection of ingredients known to enhance the energy level of users, improve metabolism, and also suppress the appetite to manage excessive eating. While there are no independent studies on Phenocal, many of its ingredients are well-researched and proven to hold many of the claimed benefits, as you will soon discover.

The Makers of Phenocal

Many would agree that the reputation of the company behind a product can tell us a lot about what to expect. And Phenocal will be no different. It is manufactured by Pharmaxa Labs, a known supplement manufacturer based in New York. It began operation in 2009 and has since grown to become a top-supplement maker with many products in its name. 

What Does Phenocal Contain?

Here, we will review some of the active ingredients in Phenocal to help you better understand why the product may work as claimed for weight loss. 

  • Green Tea Extract – A popular top weight loss supplement ingredient, green tea’s many claimed benefits are backed by independent research. In one study, Green Tea extract was shown to help burn fat when combined with exercise. While the weight loss recorded in this study was moderate, it reduced fat in areas like the stomach/visceral. 
  • Chromium –This compound is present in foods like broccoli and liver and is only needed in small amounts. Chromium’s roles include helping to improve lipid, protein, and carbohydrate metabolism. The compound has also been found to help balance glucose levels and build muscle mass.
  • Hoodia Gordonii – Hoodia Gordonii is prized for its appetite-suppressing qualities, and it is one of the reasons it remains a top ingredient in high-quality weight loss supplements. In studies, Hood Gordonii was shown to effectively curb excessive hunger, which is a common cause of obesity.
  • Cocoa Extract – Cocoa is rich in polyphenols known to aid the weight loss process. The ingredient is also used for its appetite-suppressing qualities. And a reduction in appetite means a significant decrease in eating frequency that often leads to weight gain. 
  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid – An Omega-6 fatty acid, conjugated linoleic acid is derived from dairy and meat products and has been found to help in weight loss. In one study, CLA was found to reduce body fat in overweight and obese people. 
  • Fucoxanthin – Derived from water algae, Fucoxanthin has been shown to significantly speed up metabolism and, in turn, aiding in the fat-burning and weight loss process. The compound is also rich in antioxidants known to fight free radicals and boost the immune system, among other benefits.
  • Biotin – A.k.a. Vitamin B7, biotin is an essential nutrient extracted from certain foods. It plays a role in weight loss by helping to metabolize fatty acids, amino acids, and glucose. 

Does Phenocal Really Work? The Science Behind Phenocal

Even though Phenocal is not intended to replace exercise and a proper diet, all of its ingredients are combined to complement each other for rapid and immediate fat loss. As discussed above, some of the components work as appetite suppressants (to help you manage your appetite and reduce cravings), especially with carb-packed foods. Others like the Fucoxanthin speed up the metabolism to enhance the fat-burning process while also offering other benefits, including boosting the immune system. 

Pros Of Using Phenocal

  • Phenocal contains ingredients known to speed up metabolism for improved fat loss.
  • It contains natural ingredients with immune-boosting qualities. 
  • The formula increases energy levels.
  • All of its key ingredients are well-researched and hold many of the claimed benefits.
  • Phenocal improves strength and vitality- two crucial factors for reaching your weight loss goals.

Cons Of Using Phenocal

  • Green tea extract contains caffeine, which is known to cause sleeplessness and agitation.
  • It may take longer to work for some users.

Price, Deals, And Where To Buy Phenocal

Phenocal price varies slightly from retailer to retailer. On select retail sites like Amazon, each bottle of Phenocal sells below $40. You can buy Phenocal from the brand’s official website using a credit or debit card or PayPal. On discounts, some retailers offer 25% off for the five bottles when you apply a discount code.

Phenocal Questions And Answers

In our research for this report, we found that consumers are frequently asking the following questions online in regard to Phenocal.

How do you take Phenocal? – According to the website, Phenocal should be taken twice daily, three capsules each time with water. Take the first dose 15 minutes before breakfast and the second dose, four hours before lunch. At this dosage, each bottle should last nearly a month. Learn more by reading this phenq reviews.

Is Phenocal Effective? – Aside from the many positive Phenocal reviews from users pleased with their results, a look at Phenocal’s top ingredients will help you make a guess. Several of Phenocal’s ingredients have been studied and used for their weight-loss qualities. They clearly will do so much. 

Who Should Use Phenocal? – Phenocal works for both men and women struggling to lose weight and keep it off. Some of the key ingredients in the supplement are combined to boost your metabolism for rapid fat loss. Others work by curbing the appetite and decreasing carb cravings. However, the benefits of exercise even while on this supplement cannot be overemphasized. Phenocal should be combined with diet and workouts.

How Much Weight Can I Lose In A Month? – While most of Phenocal’s key ingredients have been studied and their effectiveness gauged – it is impossible to tell exactly how many pounds you can lose in a month. However, some of the Phenocal reviews have recorded losing well over 25 pounds.

What Are People Saying About Phenocal? – Phenocal reviews have been generally favorable. Many users recorded significant weight loss within weeks of using the product and combining it with exercise. Some, on the other hand, complained of slow weight loss adding that for them, the workouts did most of the fat-burning. This further reinforces Phenocal’s stance on combining it with exercise and diet. 

Bottom Line

Losing and keeping excess weight off depends in no small amount on diet change, exercise, and a top-quality supplement. While Phenocal’s effectiveness has been proven by the many research on its ingredients and independent testimonials from consumers, it still has to be combined with exercises for weight loss.  

Do we think Phenocal is worth a try? Yes, we highly recommend Phenocal for weight loss but combine it with the right exercise and diet change.  

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