What Are the Symptoms of a Dying Nerve in a Tooth?


There are many symptoms and characteristic signs people experience when they need a root canal. Your dentist would guide you better if your tooth requires particular attention. If you are worried about the health of your dying tooth or a dying nerve, then you need to visit the nearest dentist as soon as possible.

It is always better for everyone to know the symptoms of any diseases before it gets too late. If you know about the signs of a dying nerve in your mouth or teeth-structure, then you can quickly get it repaired by visiting a Root Canal Clinic in San Jose. They also provide better ways to solve the issue and save your teeth from dying.

Most people have one common question when they experience something weird with their teeth and, I.e., “Is my tooth dead?” If you too have the same question, the following report is prepared just for you. From here, you will gain all the required information about a dying nerve and tooth.

Is my tooth dead?

Only your dentist can tell you whether your tooth is dead or not. It is challenging to figure out the dead tooth in your mouth. However, there are some symptoms you will notice if your tooth is dead.

The most common symptom of a dying tooth is extreme pain in the tooth. Sometimes, its color also gets changed. If you have a dead tooth, then you will yourself see any of these two or both symptoms with your teeth. If there is any infection in your teeth, the pain will be increasing, and it will become unbearable sometimes.

Apart from this, you may also other symptoms such as bad odors, foul taste or a pimple on the gum of the affected tooth. Your tooth color will change from white to yellow, grey or black. The color of the tooth varies because of the dying nerve. The essential red blood cells won’t be present in your gum, and your tooth will become yellowish or blackish. If you don’t care about the color change of your tooth, in the long run, it will develop cavities and other harmful diseases.

Did you know, you can quickly recover your tooth from dying? Yes, you can keep your dead tooth in your mouth without removing it. In advanced dentistry, you can get your defected teeth recovered easily.

Causes of Dead Tooth?

Due to lack of proper blood flow and dying red cells in the nerve, your tooth will die. Adequate blood flow provides sustenance to all the cells of our body. It also includes tooth pulp. If proper blood cells are circulated through the tooth pulp, your teeth will stay active and healthy.

Apart from this, dental trauma could also be the reason behind a dead tooth. You can quickly figure out the dying nerve in the teeth-structure through this. When your teeth get hard knocks, it will put the nervous system in trauma. The blood flow of the system will be disturbed, and your tooth will become dead.

Additionally, Tooth Decay is one more symptom you may notice when the tooth nerve is dying. Tooth decay allows cavities to develop in your teeth which would be extremely painful in the long run. If you don’t take proper care of your teeth, tooth decay will gradually increase in your mouth which causes cavities in several teeth.

The Tooth Decay starts with the outer part of the tooth. It develops on the surface of the teeth which gradually reaches to the gums and root. Bacteria will increase, and other harmful germs will be out of control in your mouth. Eventually, you will have to remove your teeth and go for various treatments such as Root Canal, Dentures, etc. These treatments and expensive which can put a big hole in your pocket.

We request you all to take proper care of your teeth. Maintain a good habit of brushing your teeth regularly twice a day. You can also make use of fluoride toothpaste as most dentists recommend this toothpaste to use. For more information, you can visit the nearby dental care provider.

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